FINA World Championships, Swimming: Flash! Milorad Cavic Throws Down Gauntlet, Takes World Record From Michael Phelps in 100 Fly Semis -- July 31, 2009

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ROME, Italy, July 31. SERBIA's Milorad Cavic is swimming with a chip on his shoulder in the men's 100 fly, and used that motivation to destroy the world record in the event during semis of the FINA World Championships.

Cavic clocked a smoking fast 50.01 to break Michael Phelps' global mark of 50.22 set earlier this month in Indianapolis.

Cavic, who lost to Phelps at the touch in Beijing in this event, has said all week he believes the Omega timing systems were faulty and that he touched first. He's obviously looking to prove a point in the finale.

Phelps, swimming in the first semifinal, will be right next to Cavic in the finale after clocking a 50.48. That swim is tied for the fifth-fastest of all time.

Spain's Rafael Munoz (50.59), Venezuela's Albert Subirats (50.65), Kenya's Jason Dunford (50.78), Brazil's Gabriel Mangabeira (51.02), Australia's Andrew Lauterstein (51.03) and Tyler McGill of the U.S. (51.07) also made the finale.

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July 31, 2009 Phelps is no match for Cavic. As I mentioned earlier today, Cavic is gonna break 50 and Phelps will have to go below 23.4 to have a chance.
Submitted by: max argie
July 31, 2009 Tomorrow Cavic is going to "kick"Phelp's "butt". We'll hear Bob Bowman crying about the suits. Phelps can wear one, but decided to stick with Speedo. If Phelps gets his butt kicked, its his deceision and shut up Bob and quit acting like a tittybaby. Bob threatens FINA to pull Phelps from future International competition. What does Bob Bowman think the Swimming World evolves around him and Phelps. They are thousand of other swimmers out there. That atitude is why many Europeans hate American. My advice to Bob, shut up and stop like a sore loser.
Submitted by: speedboat
July 31, 2009 It's easy to hate Americans, speedboat, but it takes some fortitude to take on both FINA (and indirectly,Speedo) the way Bowman has. I think the vast majority of swimmers and fans are glad that he spoke out because it expedited the decision to ban the suits by 1/1/10, which is what almost everyone wants now anyway (if not sooner). If you have to hate, I suggest not targeting the swimmers and coaches, who are trapped in a no-win situation, but rather FINA and any of the suit companies, and their lawyers, responsible for this debacle.
Submitted by: liquidassets
July 31, 2009 Mike Cavic is as American as Phelps. Growing up in Orange County does not make you European! So if you're going to be hating on Americans, you can add Cavic to the list.
Submitted by: Retired
July 31, 2009 I'm not a fan of Cavic, he was born in the US, grew up in Orange County, went to college in California, and then decided to compete for Serbia? A country he's probably never been to? That's unamerican, he has no patriotism, and I hope Phelps crushes him and puts an end to his constant whining about losing at the Olympics.
Submitted by: Moretti
July 31, 2009 "What does Bob Bowman think the Swimming World evolves around him and Phelps. They are thousand of other swimmers out there. That atitude is why many Europeans hate American."

Take away Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France loses its luster. Phelps is polarizing and brings people into any competition he is competing in (Thorpe was like that too, for a non-USA reference). Lose Phelps and the sport suffers.

And what about Cavic...this week is the first I've heard him complain about the finish in Beijing. Weren't the reports during the Olympics that he didn't want to protest the finish - his coaches/federation did? Whining is whining, whether it's about suits or a malfunctioning timing device.
Submitted by:
July 31, 2009 I'm not a timing expert but I do watch a lot of TV and the one thing I've learned is that people from the OC are whiny and love to complain. Also he went to Cal so he might just like to protest.

On another note though I've heard that Cavic identifies strongly with his Serbian heritage (I believe he's been on the Serb National Team for quite a while now; I thought he competed in the 2000 Sydney Games for Serbia) and I've seen a number of interviews where he's speaking what I assume to be Serbian so he's got pretty strong ties to Serbia even though he grew up in the OC.
Submitted by: biffoflevi
July 31, 2009 Anyone who wears a shirt that translates to "Kosovo is Serbia" while on tv is pretty proud of their heritage. He's also a first generation American in his family so of course he'd still have strong ties to his native land. He seems like a pretty cool guy and I really admire him, so I hope all the reports of him complaining about the time pads in Beijing are just taking his words out of context.
Submitted by: JesseM
July 31, 2009 The media always blows things out of proportion. Both Phelps and Cavic deserve a lot of credit for making swimming exciting again. I say, forgot about patriotism or whether something is un-American. May the best man win. As a spectator, this has been the best swimming meet ever. It's even got my friends, who are non-swimmers talking about it.
Submitted by: PB
July 31, 2009 The media may overplay it, but Cavic is definitely trying to be provocative, I saw the quotes. This is a guy who got suspended from the remainder of Europeans last year after wearing that Kosovo t-shirt on the 50 fly podium, so he doesn't shy away from controversy. I'm with PB, I don't mind a little trash talk if the buzz creates some excitement. Which it has; it'll be great race. you know it's gonna be Cavic taking it out in 22.8 or better and Phelps and the others trying to reel him in. Don't forget there's a couple other guys who are 50 . Neither Phelps or Cavic appears close to retirement so they will have other chances later for rematches regardless who wins.
Submitted by: liquidassets
July 31, 2009 Do you mean the comments here on this site? Swimming World is an American magazine so of course there will be some bias in favor of Americans! We're all biased in favor of our own country to some extent, lol. But it doesn't help matters that the Chinese officials control their athletes to the extent that they give less press conferences and have a tighter rein so it's more difficult to get to know them when they keep to themselves. But that's typical of closed societies in general. And whether it's fair or not, because of the 90's debacle, China is going to be facing more scrutiny than other countries for some time to come, especially if their style as above remains unchanged. They tried to play the race card back in '94 to deflect suspicions, (which turned out to be correct) but in reality it's their own behavior that makes people suspect them more.

Which reminds me, did anyone from the Chinese delegation ever explain why Gao Chang didn't show for her 50 back medal ceremony? Qianwei Zhu accepted Gao's medal for her, then Gao appeard and joined the parade around the deck, and then Qianwei got back up on the podium to accept her own relay medal. There may be a perfectly good explanation, but in the absence of communicating an explanation, that's the kind of odd behavior that doesn't help their image any.
Submitted by: liquidassets
August 1, 2009 I understand why some people get hot about Clavic, but he came to play at this meet - as an elite swimmer, he is using all the tools available, it is legal, and it looks like he is going to take Phelps to task. Remember, Phelps choose not to wear the "new suit", so no-one to blame but himself (and his coach) for underestimating and miscalculation - bye bye WR for 100 fly.
Submitted by: MrFixitOnline
August 1, 2009 ...And bye-bye. Cavic. His 50 split was almost the same as his gold medal performance in the 50 fly, but still not enough to hold off Phelps, even with the suit differential. This might have been his last best chance to beat Phelps in worlds or Olympics.
Submitted by: liquidassets
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