FINA World Championships, Swimming: Flash! Cesar Cielo Breaks 47 Seconds, Wins 100 Free in World Record -- July 30, 2009

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ROME, Italy, July 30. BRAZIL's Cesar Cielo broke both the official and unofficial world records in the men's 100 free for the win at the FINA World Championships.

Cielo scorched the pool with a 46.91 to break the official world record of 47.05 set by Eamon Sullivan at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Cielo also bettered the 46.94 set by Alain Bernard in an unapproved suit back in April.

Bernard checked in with a silver-winning time of 47.12, while teammate Fred Bousquet took bronze in 47.25.

Canada's Brent Hayden placed fourth overall with a 47.27, while David Walters of the U.S. clocked a 47.33 for fifth, and picked off Michael Phelps' American record of 47.51.

Sweden's Stefan Nystrand (47.37), South Africa's Lyndon Ferns (47.94) and Brazil's Nicolas Oliveira (48.01) also competing in the championship finale.

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July 30, 2009 No comment on the time or the suit. Why do they call him Ceaser Cielo Fihlo on TV. Where did the third name come from.
Submitted by: swimjim
July 30, 2009 Cesar Cielo Filho is his full name
Filho = Son in Portuguese, his father name is Cesar Cielo. As he got the same name of his dad they added the filho to say he is not the first of the family with the name.
Submitted by: menaceb
July 30, 2009 It was interesting to see the suits actually, Bousquet may have been the only Jaked. SO many X-Glides in there. Hayden was in his LZR so if he'd given in and worn a Jaked or X-Glide I bet he'd have had the bronze over Bousquet. Great race for Cielo and a great race to watch over-all.
Submitted by: JesseM
July 30, 2009 The use of Filho is like in the US the use of Jr. (i.e. Gary Hall Jr.). Anyway, Cesar Cielo is the best sprinter in the world (his technique is awesome) and will remain the best for some years after these swimsuis are gone... the ones like Bernard and Bousquet will suffer the most when swimming in standard suits, because they have a lot of muscle.
Submitted by: max argie
July 30, 2009 And for the likes of Craig Lord, We Will see Cielo breaking Popovs and Gary Hall Standards next year I am sure of it!
Submitted by: menaceb
July 30, 2009 it will be interesting to see if they can actually go under popov´s and hoogenband´s pre-poly suits world records next year.
But amazing swim from Cielo, he beat Bernard on the start and the turn.
Submitted by: carls
July 30, 2009 I think many of you hadn't seen Cesar Cielo's routine interview on brazilian TV channel.

The topic? his room in Auburn plus his goal
check it out!!! the most important thing is the numbers...
Go for the gold cesar!
Submitted by: brswimmer
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