FINA World Championships, Swimming: Flash! Zhang Lin Shatters Grant Hackett's 800 Free World Record in Victory -- July 29, 2009

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ROME, Italy, July 29. CHINA's Zhang Lin demolished Grant Hackett's world record in the men's 800 free at the FINA World Championships.

Zhang clocked a stunning time of 7:32.12 to erase Hackett's time of 7:38.65. Tunisia's Ous Mellouli also cleared Hackett's former standard with a silver-winning time of 7:35.27. Zhang had an astonishing final 50 of 25.99 down the stretch.

Here are the comparative splits:
Zhang: 26.94, 55.20 (28.26), 1:24.04 (28.84), 1:52.55 (28.51), 2:21.16 (28.61), 2:49.87 (28.71), 3:18.58 (28.71), 3:46.79 (28.21), 4:15.02 (28.23), 4:43.28 (28.26), 5:11.79 (28.51), 5:40.36 (28.57), 6:09.26 (28.90), 6:38.03 (28.77), 7:06.13 (28.10), 7:32.12 (25.99)
Mellouli: 26.62, 55.11 (28.49), 1:23.76 (28.65), 1:52.36 (28.60), 2:21.18 (28.82), 2:50.39 (29.21), 3:19.23 (28.84), 3:47.95 (28.72), 4:16.37 (28.42), 4:44.66 (28.29), 5:12.95 (28.29), 5:41.19 (28.24), 6:09.63 (28.44), 6:38.30 (28.67), 7:06.59 (28.29), 7:35.27 (28.68)
Hackett: 25.99, 54.38 (28.39), 1:23.13 (28.75), 1:51.89 (28.76), 2:20.60 (28.71), 2:49.49 (28.89), 3:18.32 (28.83), 3:47.17 (28.85), 4:16.06 (28.89), 4:45.03 (28.97), 5:14.21 (29.18), 5:43.55 (29.34), 6:12.78 (29.23), 6:42.11 (29.33), 7:10.44 (28.33), 7:38.65 (28.21)

Canada's Ryan Cochrane completed the podium with a bronze-winning time of 7:41.92. Italy's Federico Colbertaldo (7:43.84), Great Britain's David Davies (7:44.32), the United States' Peter Vanderkaay (7:48.44), Spain's Marco Rivera (7:49.46) and Russia's Yuriy Prilukov (7:49.46) completed the finale.

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July 29, 2009 wow
Submitted by: ucswim
July 29, 2009 Does anyone know what he was wearing? Zhang was trailing Hackett until the 400, then came back over SIX SECONDS faster in the final 400...which further emphasizes how much these wetsuits allow swimmers to maintain body position when they get tired. Sub 26 on the final 50!!
Submitted by: FatDrew
July 29, 2009 Great* swim!
Submitted by: Swimmer Bill
July 29, 2009 It looked like he was wearing a Jaked. I thought that Ous was going to get him in the final 100 but boy was I wrong. Ous needs to distance himself from Zhang early in the mile.
Submitted by: joebob
July 29, 2009 Ous did NOT look happy at the end of this one. Good race though. Very good race for Cochrane too.
Submitted by: JesseM
July 29, 2009 LOL why would he look happy? Dude wipes 3 seconds off an almost untouchable world record and still loses by 3 seconds? How often does THAT happen...
Submitted by: Sphere
July 29, 2009 Lin looked amazing the whole race, I had a feeling about him. But yeah it's not something that happens every day I guess, 3 seconds under the old WR and bam you're still second. What an age we're living in...
Submitted by: JesseM
July 29, 2009 Zhang did wear rubber here (I guess Jaked), but he definitely wore the LZR in the 400 when he went 3:41. Big improvements rubber wetsuit = unimaginable time. Anyone notice that he was only ahead of Mellouli by about half a second at the last turn, then ended up 3.5 ahead of him?
Submitted by: SwimDER94
July 29, 2009 wow i didn't know that zhang was coached by dennis cotterel in australia.
Submitted by: maly
July 30, 2009 Biedermann and Zhang Lin are coming home in the last 50 of the 400 and the 800 as fast as the top men in the 100. It's a farce. Sjostrom The suits seem to help, especially, fit and well prepped swimmers stay high in the water. I think supercharges swimmers who are feeling good into feeling multiplies the effects of a nailed taper..
Submitted by: coraltrout
July 30, 2009 Coraltrout, I've had the same thoughts about Zhang and Biedermann's final 50s... take a look some of the 100 Free swims on Bill Bell's Top 100 performances list.... many of second 50 splits are mid 25s, and now Biedermann and Zhang are clocking 25s in the last 50 of their 400 and 800. Up until this meet, I was all for allowing technology to spice up the sport a bit, and felt those who opposed the suit were just spitefully "old school". Boy was I wrong.
Submitted by: paulano
Reaction Time responses do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions
of Swimming World Magazine or

Reaction Time is provided as a service to our readers.

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