Spanish Open: Flash Rafael Munoz Breaks 50 Fly World Record -- April 5, 2009

MALAGA, Spain, April 5. DURING the final day of competition at the 2009 Spanish Open Championships, Rafael Munoz took down the long course world record in the men's 50 fly.

Munoz clocked a 22.43 in the sprint event to shoot down Roland Schoeman's record of 22.96 set in 2005.

Additionally, Munoz clocked a sterling time of 50.58 in the men's 100 fly to set the European record and come up just short of Ian Crocker's world-record time of 50.40 set at the same meet as Schoeman.

Munoz's World and European record swims have been uploaded to YouTube as seen below.

World Record Swim

European Record Swim

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April 5, 2009 WOW! Those are some pretty AMAZING times! That DESTROYS Schoeman's WR and Cavic's ER by MORE THAN A HALF SECOND! And he TIES Phelps' time from Bejing! Anyone else shocked (and kinda scared)?
Submitted by: SwimDER94
April 5, 2009 Spanish swimming federation:

Looks like Wildeboer swam a European record 52.93 in the 100 Back, fourth all time behind Peirsol, Bal, and Thoman (all Americans...hmm). I saw something about a 24.84 50 Back, not quite sure...
Submitted by: SwimDER94
April 6, 2009 Wait he broke the 50 fly record by .53? This is ridiculous; I am starting to hate the new suits.....
Submitted by: liquidassets
April 6, 2009 This guy swam a 52.5 in Beijing and is now down to a 50.5...that's a huge drop
Submitted by: squiggles255
April 6, 2009 It's REALLY freaking ridiculous. I have been hating the new suits for quite some time.

What other explanation is there other than "THE SUIT"? NOBODY can break a 50-meter world record by more than half a second. It's preposterous, and the suits are starting to make a mockery of every swim that came before them.

For example, Mary T.'s 200 fly US Open record from Schroeder/Brown Deer. Compared to the suits the athletes are wearing today, hers may as well have been made out of wool, and she STILL has the US Open record. Elaine Breeden and Kathleen Hersey are great, but their accomplishments pale in comparison to those of Mary T. and Misty Hyman.
Submitted by: swimmingshamrock
April 6, 2009 New suit or not that was a great swim and he has been swimming fast quite a bit since beijing I believe.

Although there is much to be said that crockers 50.40 in an FSII legskin is still standing.

Records are broken because of technology and better swimmers, history is history like always. The cost/availability/ripping are all good debates over the suits, but broken records are a good thing. I enjoyed watching the swim anyway and still realize how fast the previous records are when they didn't have these suits.
Submitted by: elixirnova
April 6, 2009 whats more amazing, that is 0.62 from Tom Jagger's 'old' 21.81 50m Free that lasted for so long
Submitted by: valkrum
April 6, 2009 These suits are making a mockery out of the sport. elixirnova, I'm all for records too but this guy's best time in April 2008 was 23.60 and he went 23.26 in February 2009. I won't even pretend that he would have come close to 22.43 without the suit.

I think what sticks with me the most is that if he had swum fly in the final of the 50 free, he would have finished second.
Submitted by: dcswimguy
April 6, 2009 since beijing , he is training in marseille with fabien gilot and frederick bousquet when he is in france, marseille is one of french swimming federation best training center with antibes , mulhouse
Submitted by: maly
April 6, 2009 Yikes....Do you realize this time would have been pre 2007 ranked 21st(06) and 20th(05) in the World for the 50 FREE?!?!
I know a swimmer who went 23.9 in the 50 Fly and pre '07 that would have ranked him top 15 in the World. Now that swim is just a split in the 100 and not very relevent in 50 Fly sprinting.
I chant it every morning when I get up "I love the suits, I love the suits, I love the suits"....but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be sticking.
Could it be the trivialization of the great athletic performances that have come before have become more and more irrelevent (Popov, Evans, Egerzegi and the list goes on)?
"C'mon your buck put a suit on, break a record....there's a big winner everytime...step right up!"
Submitted by: rcoach
April 6, 2009 Looks like we are going to see a sub-50 100 fly BEFORE we even get to Rome. Because of this suit technology, it doesn't mean that much any more. I would like to see what these new records would be if swum in the suits BEFORE 2008! Not as fast.
Submitted by: paddles
April 6, 2009 Well said, rcoach!
Submitted by: paddles
April 7, 2009 somethings fishy about this guy- 53.5 at worlds in 2007 in melbourne, 52.5 at the olympics, and 50.5 now? COme on guys something stinks- im not saying hes a cheat but this is getting ridiculous, ive NEVER EVEN heard of this guy.
Submitted by: mrl38
April 7, 2009 after the lzr from speedo, welcome to the new miracle suit jaked 01 , 90 percent of the finalist at the spanish championship wore the suit.
Submitted by: maly
April 7, 2009 Munoz is 21 years old, so I wouldn't say his progress from 53.5 at age 19 to 50.5 at 21 means "something stinks" or that there's "something fishy"...he's getting older, stronger, smarter as well as the suit. His progress isn't more mind-boggling than many other kids taking the leap in their first two years after high school, such as Nick Thoman's great year last year...just because he's not American, it's a big jump to claim progress is "fishy".
Submitted by: FatDrew
April 7, 2009 mrl38...Okay, he was a medalist in the 50 and 100 fly at 2008 european championships. was it a big drop? yes. but he was not a complete unknown.
Submitted by: bt22
April 12, 2009 Measure the pool!
Submitted by: K2
April 16, 2009 can anybody spell steroids? Was this the first time he had ever worn a LZR. I doubt it. Does anybody else have these ridiculous drops. No. Test him. Records like this need to have some sort of validation. Until they do, it will happen more often, damaging the sport we love. We have to keep our heads out of the sand.
Submitted by: kabelme
April 16, 2009 Crocker's 50.4 world record from 2005 IN A LZR would EASILY be a sub-50 if he had had the LZR back in Montreal. Not a doubt in my mind.
Submitted by: paddles
April 17, 2009 Kabelme, it wasn't confirmed he wore an LZR. Does anyone else have these ridiculous time drops? YES! Read some of Craig Lord's reports on "suit-doping", the last 12 months have seen a ton of swimmers make huge drops in almost every single event.

In order for the WR to be ratified, he has to be tested right after the event...the steroid accusation is harsh. If his name was "Chuck Jones" from Austin and he swam that time, would you make the same accusations?
Submitted by: FatDrew
April 17, 2009 he wore a jaked suit : 90 percent of the finalists at the spanish championish wore a jaked suit
Submitted by: maly
April 17, 2009 FatDrew: I think if his name was Chuck Jones from Austin, I would make that accusation in about 0.2 seconds. At least this guy's been around on the scene for a while and I've heard of him. If a random American nobody's ever heard of swims a 50. in the 100 fly, something is wrong.
Submitted by: Sphere
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of Swimming World Magazine or

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