FINA World Open Water Championships: FINA Pro Open Water Races in 2009 -- May 5, 2008

By Steven Munatones, Swimming World Special Correspondent

SEVILLE, Spain, May 5. AT the race promoter's meeting in Seville prior to the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships, FINA announced its 24-race proposed schedule:

Date Location Distance/Type Prize Money

January 24, 2009 Santos, Brazil 10K World Cup $20,000
February 1, 2009 Santa Fe, Argentina 57K Grand Prix $11,000
February 7, 2009 Rosario, Argentina 15K Grand Prix $10,000
February 14, 2009 Viedma, Argentina 15K Grand Prix $10,000
April 4, 2009 Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand 10K World Cup $20,000
April 18, 2009 Sumidero Canyon, Mexico 15K Grand Prix $15,000
April 25, 2009 Cancun, Mexico 10K World Cup $20,000
June 20, 2009 Capri-Napoli, Italy 36K Grand Prix $20,000
June 27, 2009 Setubal, Portugal 10K World Cup $20,000
July 4, 2009 Ohrid Lake, Macedonia 30K Grand Prix $25,000
July 12, 2009 Sabac, Serbia 19K Grand Prix $20,000
July 11-12, 2009 Long Beach, California 10K World Cup $20,000
July 23, 2009 Lac St. Jean, Quebec, Canada 10K World Cup $20,000
July 25, 2009 Lac St. Jean, Quebec, Canada 32K Grand Prix $40,000
August 1, 2009 Lac Memphremagog, Quebec, Canada 34K Grand Prix $25,000
August 8, 2009 Varna, Bulgaria 10K World Cup $20,000
August 14, 2009 Lake Annecy, France 10K World Cup $20,000
August 29, 2009 Denmark 10K World Cup $20,000
September 7, 2009 Manhattan, New York City 10K World Cup $20,000
September 26, 2009 Shantou, China 10K World Cup $20,000
October 4, 2009 Hong Kong Bay, Hong Kong 10K World Cup $20,000
October 11, 2009 Singapore, Singapore 10K World Cup $20,000
October 17, 2009 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 10K World Cup $20,000
October 24, 2009 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Grand Prix To be decided

The dates may change on a few of these races, especially because the 2009 World Swimming Championships will be held in Rome, Italy between late July and early August. Additionally, a World Cup race in London on the proposed Olympic 10K is being planned, but not yet formalized or approved.

Officially, the 10K races are part of the FINA Marathon Swimming World Cup (a global 14- or 15-race pro series), while the 10 longer races are part of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix (a global 10-race pro series).

Reaction Time Comments

May 5, 2008 Can anyone swim in these events, or do you need to be part of a national team? Also, if you are a college student-athlete can you swim in these pro races without losing your eligibility?
Submitted by: swimmomof2
May 5, 2008 Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure anyone can swim these events. Probably have to check with each individual event to see how registration works.

As for being a college student, you could probably swim them - you just can't take the prize money. However, I would advise each student-athlete to check with their own compliance department to double-check any eligibility concerns.
Submitted by: Jason Marsteller
May 5, 2008 You must be a registered member of your national federation. Many of these races also have amateur and shorter races affiliated with them. The sport is growing quickly and race organizers are responding to the growing demand from age-groupers, masters, recreational swimmers and triathletes in addition to those who wish to swim competitively at the world-class level.
Submitted by: munatones
August 17, 2008 do i have to be a registered member of
the national federation?, couse i have been swimming most of my life and i stoped for the last 5 years, but i'm now back and moor stronger than befor, and i'm now ready for any race.
Submitted by: abouzeed2000
August 17, 2008 Yes, you must be a registered member of your national federation to participate in any FINA-sanctioned race. If you are not, then it is still possible to participate in the amateur races that are usually held before the pro FINA races on the World Cup and Grand Prix circuits in the same course. Good luck.
Submitted by: munatones
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