The Morning Swim Show: Twelve Women Under Backstroke Barrier; Bob Bowman Talks About Returning to Baltimore; YMCA Nationals -- April 18, 2008

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 18. TO end the week, The Morning Swim Show talks to Bob Bowman shortly after he announced he would return to club coaching. The show also takes viewers to YMCA nationals, where many of history's greatest Olympians competed.

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Host Brent Rutemiller opens the show by recapping the news that Bob Bowman, coach of Michael Phelps and others at the University of Michigan, is returning to the North Baltimore Aquatic Club after the Olympics. Also, he talks about the 12 women who have gone under the formerly challenging one-minute interval in the 100-meter backstroke.

In Reaction Time, Rutemiller talks with Bowman about his decision to leave the University of Michigan, whether Phelps will also return to Baltimore and what environment Bowman hopes to build for age-group and professional athletes there.

Friday's edition ends with a trip to the YMCA nationals in Florida, where International Swimming Hall of Fame CEO Bruce Wigo talks to Ira Klein, USA Swimming's director of field operations. Klein and Wigo talk about the many swimming superstars who have come from YMCA clubs, including Mark Spitz, Dara Torres and Tripp Schwenk.

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