Watch Katie Ledecky Pull Off Stunning Balancing Act in ‘Got Milk Challenge’

Photo Courtesy: @katieledecky

Watch Katie Ledecky Pull Off Stunning Balancing Act in ‘Got Milk Challenge’

What more can be said about Katie Ledecky? She is already a world record holder in three events, and the heavy favorite to win an unprecedented third straight Olympic gold medal in the 800 freestyle next summer. Ledecky has redefined the word “great” as she no superlatives can be used to describe her sheer dominance in distance freestyle over the last eight years.

Ledecky’s dominance has also brought her success out of the pool, as she recently started a TikTok trend called the “Got Milk Challenge” where she swam 50 meters of freestyle with a glass of milk on her head, and managed to take a sip at the very end without spilling.

Ledecky’s video has already gained over a million views, as her drill is generally done with a small cup of water while doing backstroke to help swimmers keep their head still. But Ledecky took it to the next level while flipping on her stomach and using a full glass of milk. Using intense concentration, Ledecky roughly swam the 50 long course in 35 seconds.

Ledecky’s swim garnered much attention and admiration.


  1. Cindy Lovell

    If that’s a smoothy I’d like to try this. ?

  2. Paul Cate

    Saw Missy Franklin do this backstroke with a cup of water (may have been short course).

  3. John Mcleod

    Pool operators across the world are gritting their teeth at the potential influx of lactose into the ever changing chemical balancing act

    • Pete Beaumont

      Shirley Mireault exactly every self respecting swimmer has been doing this for years

    • Kellene Coulombe

      Shirley Mireault a bit more difficult on the back of the head in freestyle… Lots more skill involved here ☺️

    • Harrison Andrews

      Pete Beaumont yeah I’m sure not many can do it freestyle…

    • Shirley Mireault

      Wasn’t putting them down, just a drill not new.

  4. Patsy Morin

    Matthew Gougeon
    Watch this !!! ??

  5. Jeff Price

    And people with pool cleaning businesses are rejoicing…….

    • Shari Kennedy Halsmer

      Carrie Silberbauer Bell she was at a meet where J was also competing. She walked the length of the deck after her event and stopped for every single person who wanted a photo with her. Totally genuine!

  6. David Came

    Harry Came Daniel Neilson

  7. Kath Erine

    Susie O’Neil did it with a beer ?

    • John Young

      Stephen would have been impressed if she done it without a snorkel ??

  8. Kathryn Perkins

    David Ryan. And then Susie O’Neill tried it with a beer!

  9. Eric Lahmy

    Et elle ne boit jamais la tasse?

  10. Luger von Braun

    Paula Poppelsdorf Domermuth Mona Alderson Eri Ohashi Nicole Hagner Higgins ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  11. David Moreno

    You pay me to do any commercial, I will balance it on my head while swimming….anything $$$$?

  12. Chris Boulware

    This is actually not that unusual for competitive swimmers. My sons have done backstroke with a cup of water on their forehead to teach head position and non-movement for years.

    • Chris Boulware

      Harrison Andrews …I know it is a bit different, but it isn’t as amazing as non swimmers are saying.

    • Harrison Andrews

      Chris Boulware you know they don’t really know our sport ??

    • Chris Boulware

      Harrison Andrews …agreed. I have two sons that have been competitively swimming for 14 years. I have didn’t mire time at a pool watching than any human should have to.??