WADA Releases Richard McLaren’s 2nd Independent Person Report; More Than 1,000 Athletes Involved


The second, long-awaited Independent Person report by Richard McLaren has been released and contains staggering evidence of corruption in Russia as more than 1,000 athletes were involved with a state-run doping system.


Photo Courtesy: McLaren Independent Person, Second Report

McLaren explained at a press conference in London Friday morning, “We are now able not only to confirm the findings of the first report but also to put them in sharper and clearer focus.”

In July of 2016 McLaren sent ripples through the sporting world when he released his first Independent Person report which revealed widespread doping in Russia. While his first report centered around the mishandling of samples at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, McLaren identified the time frame within the second McLaren Report to range from approximately 2011-2015 and including the following events: 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, 2013 IAAF Moscow World Championships, the 2013 Universiade Games, and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

McLaren’s first report showed evidence that the corruption went through the upper echelons of the Russian government as officials from the Russian Ministry of Sport, Center of Sports Preparation of the National Teams of Russia, and Federal Security Service (FSB) were involved.

His second report, however, dives further into the issues of state-run doping by giving concrete evidence that officials and athletes were not acting individually, but rather as part of an organized infrastructure.

While talking to the Associated Press at a press conference, McLaren commented that “for every action by WADA, there was a Russian reaction.”

The second Independent Person report can be downloaded and read by clicking here.

The IP Evidence Disclosure Package, which contains upwards of 1,100 documents cited as evidence of state-run doping, can be found by clicking here.

Table of Contents contained in McLaren’s second report: 

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Currently, RUSADA and the Moscow doping lab are out of compliance with the WADA code.

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