Virginia Swimming Suspends Five From Fall Competition

Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

CHARLOTTESVILLE – Virginia Swimming, for the second year in a row, has had a high-profile student-athlete suspension as head coach Augie Busch has pulled five student-athletes from competing during the rest of fall 2014 semester.

In a release today, Virginia confirmed that Kyle Dudzinski, David Ingraham, Jake Pearce, Charlie Rommel and Luke Papendick would not be competing the rest of the year “for violations of University of Virginia policy and athletics department rules.”

That means the five will miss meets against Navy (Oct. 24), Michigan and Penn State (Nov. 7-8 in University Park, PA), and NC State (Nov. 15) in addition to the Georgia Fall Invitational (Dec. 5-7 in Athens, GA).

This is the second year in a row that Busch’s team has had to do some very public policing via a suspension.  Last October, Busch suspended eight from the meet against Navy with Meredith Cavalier, Hillary Petersen, David Ingraham, Nick Alexiou, Rodney Fentress, Yannick Kaeser, Jordan Sacks and Chris Webb those that missed time.  Several of those suspended decided to transfer instead of staying put.

The only person that was part of each incident was Ingraham.

“The University of Virginia and our athletic department demands its student-athletes to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and accountability and our swimming and diving program is no different,” Busch said at the time of the 2013 suspension. “These eight student-athletes have breached those standards and have subsequently been suspended for one meet. I am confident that they have learned from this experience and we are all eager to move forward with a renewed sense of what it means to represent such a special program and university.”

This time around, Virginia is letting its press statement stand as its response, firmly stating that “university officials will not have additional comments on this matter.”


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    Bet this wouldn’t happen if these guys were 7-5 and could dunk standing flat footed!

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      I wish there was a “like ” button for your comment.

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      So you’re saying that you don’t think Tony Bennett believes in suspensions? UVa has two players suspended for their opener this year. Do a little research before you start typing. You sound like a fool.

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    Wonder why the administration has no comment. Could be that maybe someone has an ax to grind?