(Video Interview) Not Much Different for Michael Chadwick


Michael Chadwick got onto his first World Championships team this summer, and he won a gold medal as a member of the U.S. men’s 400 free relay in Budapest. Last week, he attended his first Golden Goggles and spoke with Swimming World in a red carpet interview.

Chadwick explained what life has been like as he has transitioned to professional swimming, although he pointed out that not all that much is different about his swimming or day-to-day life. He also picked his favorite moments from the World Championships — unsurprisingly, one he quickly mentioned was the men’s 400 free relay, for which he earned a gold medal.

Watch more video interviews from the red carpet at Golden Goggles.

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Swimming Pool Lovers
6 years ago


Gian Alessandro
6 years ago

He made golden goggles?

Pro Women Fitness
6 years ago

Good heavens :

6 years ago

Congratulations, Michael.