(Video Interview) Elizabeth Beisel Enjoying Post-Olympics World Tour

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Since competing in her third straight Olympic final of the 400 IM in Rio, Elizabeth Beisel has kept plenty busy. She sat in the team section for the remaining seven days of the Olympic schedule and cheered on the highly-successful U.S. team before embarking on a world tour, around parts of Southeast Asia, Australia and the U.S. with good friend Allison Schmitt.

Back home in Rhode Island, Beisel stopped by the Swimming World Fall Classic hosted by her original club team, Bluefish Swim Club, and took a few minutes to discuss everything she’s been up to with Swimming World’s David Rieder. Beisel discussed the ups and downs of the lead-up to Rio, her favorite moments of the Games and what is to come next.

Watch the video interview with Elizabeth Beisel here: