USA Swimming Announces Partnership with U.S. Air Force

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USA Swimming and the U.S. Air Force announced a new one-year partnership on Thursday for activations at USA Swimming events.

The Air Force will “look to engage with swimming athletes and fans alike” with brand activations at U.S. Olympic Trials this week, as well as a “supporting partner” at Speedo Sectionals this summer and in the spring of 2022. Several national team swimmers will also contribute training challenges for a video series to be launched later this year.

“There is tremendous alignment between U.S. Air Force Special Warfare and USA Swimming in terms of excellence, resilience and patriotism,” Shana Ferguson, Chief Commercial Officer of USA Swimming, said in a press release. “We are proud to connect the Air Force with some of the nation’s finest, fittest and brightest youth.”

“It’s exciting for Air Force Recruiting Service, especially with our Special Warfare Recruiting focus, to be part of this partnership,” said Maj. Jason Wyche, Chief of National Events for the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service. “Recruiting the best future Airmen for our Special Warfare mission is more important than ever, and this partnership allows us to reach a large number of physically fit, patriotic Americans who want to represent our country. These swimmers, and the fans who follow them, are competitive in nature and team oriented. We want them to see service in the Air Force as an opportunity to use their love of fitness and competition to become something bigger than themselves.”


  1. Greg Burgess

    The only service that doesn’t do water. Hmmm how much does that make sense?

    • Sue Halfacre

      Greg Burgess jeb is a cct and may be attached to a seal team some time .

    • Greg Burgess

      Sue Halfacre yes so one out 5000 do water. Everyone else does water.

    • Sue Halfacre

      Greg Burgess I don’t understand that sentence
      Jen coached navy seal prep school at Great Lakes the airforce came after him to start the same program for the airforce at lackland did that for two yrs then went in . He swims a lot

    • Greg Burgess

      Sue Halfacre yes I’m talking as a whole force versus an individual.

    • Mike McMasters

      Greg Burgess Air Force Force Para Rescue Jumper. Does Water.

  2. Carrie Hall

    So now USA Swimming events become Air Force recruiting stops?

  3. Manuel Lugo

    They are the only ones with the free time… 😂

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