(Underwater Race Video) Cameron McEvoy’s Sizzling 21.44 In 50 Free

Photo Courtesy: Swimming Australia

Here’s a unique point of view you don’t get to see every day from the sport of swimming.  Cameras followed Cameron McEvoy during his entire 21.44 traverse of the 50-meter freestyle at the 2016 Australian Championships.

Original 50 free report:

Cameron McEvoy became the first man in Australian history to sweep the 50-100-200 frees at the Australian Nationals.

Following wins in the 100 and 200 earlier in the week, McEvoy surged to victory in the splash-and-dash with a 21.44.  That’s the second-ranked swim of the year behind only Florent Manaudou’s21.42 from the French Championships.  It’s also not far behind Ashley Callus’ Australian record of 21.19 from the techsuit-fueled 2009.

Matt Abood finished second in 22.08, just off the Australian Olympic qualifying time of 22.02.

James Magnussen missed out completely on making an individual swim at the Rio Olympics with a third-place 22.12.

Andrew Abood (22.14), Will Stockwell (22.17), James Roberts (22.22), David Morgan (22.52) andKenneth To (22.55) claimed the rest of the finishes.

                         === Finals ===                          
  1 MCEVOY, CAMERON  21 BOND                22.12      21.44.  927  
  2 ABOOD, MATTHEW   29 CBRA                22.24      22.08   849  
  3 MAGNUSSEN, JAME  24 RAVN                22.34      22.12   844  
  4 ABOOD, ANDREW    25 MARI                22.47      22.14   842  
  5 STOCKWELL, WILL  20 COMM                22.36      22.17   839  
  6 ROBERTS, JAMES   24 SOMGC               22.39      22.22   833  
  7 MORGAN, DAVID    22 TSS                 22.45      22.52   800  
  8 TO, KENNETH      23 TRGR                22.51      22.55   797  


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      That was intense! Did he actually breath?

      I’m not very familiar with an orthodox stroke, what are the key differences?

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      Will Barton he rotates from the rib and mostly kicks from the knee down. Traditionally a sprinter will use shoulder strength and arm reach and kick from the hip with s really strong motion using their brute force. And nope, no breath.