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PHOENIX, Arizona, November 25. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you another episode of SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

In this episode, Tiffany Elias is joined by Jessica Lester, the Triathlon Tech Rep for TYR, to discuss the advanced technological updates to their Hurricane wetsuit collection.

The TYR Hurricane collection has helped triathletes, from beginners to professionals, achieve their full potential with Category 1, 2, 3 and 5 wetsuits. The Category 5 remains the most elite wetsuit in its class. Engineered with advanced 100% Yamamoto 39 Cell Nano SCS Super Stretch Rubber, this suit gives you the feeling of a second skin. TYR made the Cat 5 even more cutting edge with the addition of flotation panels on the abs, chest, obliques and legs.

Exciting additions were also applied to the Category 3. It is engineered with 100% Yamamoto 38 Cell Nano SCS Rubber for super sleek and flexible performance in the water. It has also received additional flotation panels, specifically in the chest, abs and obliques. Like the Cat 5, the Cat 3 now features a full antimicrobial lining and alpha catch panels, as well as new graphics, styling and male/female colorways.
The Category 1 wetsuit is structurally remaining the same, but now features more competitive pricing, which is sure to appeal to beginner triathletes. This suit is constructed with slick-skin neoprene for minimal drag and maximum speed.

To learn more about the TYR Hurricane Collection, watch this week’s episode.
TYR Hurricane Collection–SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk

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