Tips for Thriving Through a Winter Without a Training Trip


Tips for Thriving Through a Winter Without a Training Trip

It is a confusing time. Most college swimmers, and even some high school swimmers, are missing out on one of their favorite parts of the season: A training trip. Training trips are known for their long hours of grueling training, but somehow it is more bearable in a new location. As you all know, this year is different. College swimmers are either training at home or are back at their school for a long period of time without classes. For many, this week has been somewhat sad. The memories of photos from previous training trips popping up on our phones is a daily reminder of what could have been or the fun that we have had in the past. A training trip is not only about getting stronger and faster, but it is a time when memories are made and teams bond together. 

This year has been anything but normal, but there are ways to have fun amidst the uncertainty and lack of traditional experiences. Below are two lists of fun activities to engage in this winter: one for the swimmer stuck at home and one for the team on campus.

For the Swimmer Stuck at Home

Do Zoom workouts with your teammates

Finding motivation to train when you are away from school can be difficult. The good thing is that everyone is in the same boat. Keeping in contact with your teammates is very important. Doing workouts together over Zoom or another video chatting platform can be great for keeping yourself and your teammates accountable. 

Find a good tv show to watch or book to read

You are probably finding yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands. While this is a time you could be productive, it is a great time to relax and have time for yourself. During the semester there is not a ton of time to watch television or read for fun. This is a great time to catch up on your shows and your reading. Enjoy the free time you have been gifted and do something that makes you happy. 

Find a hobby to keep you busy

You have probably heard this a million times over the last 10 months. Find a hobby to occupy your time. While it has become very cliche, it is actually fun to find something outside of swimming that brings you joy. It can be a stress reliever or another way to relax outside of the pool and fill your time.

For the Team Training on Campus Together

Have team bonding activities

This is the time that teams have to get closer than ever. Like I mentioned before, training trips are where teams grow and become unified. There is no reason that this cannot happen without traveling to a new destination. It is important to use this time to get to know each other better and form lifelong connections. Please adhere to your COVID guidelines in the process!

Eat meals together

Swimmers all love to eat. You need to eat to fuel your body and recover from your practices. Eating together is a great time to be with your team and have fun together. It may seem like a very simple thing, but cherish the time you have together. 

Take a lot of naps

This one is obvious, but winter training is hard. Letting your body recover is key to performing at the highest level. And let’s be honest, we all know that napping is fun. Take the time without classes to let your body heal. 

As the new year starts, it is important to remember all that you have learned in 2020 and create the best experiences from every situation that you encounter. By staying home from your training trip you are helping the greater good, and you can still have fun under these unusual circumstances. 

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