SwimOutlet.com Launches 2019 Tech Suit Review Featuring 2020 Olympic Suits

2019 Tech Suit Review by SwimOutlet.com

2019 Tech Suit Review by SwimOutlet.com is here!

SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, unveiled it’s seventh annual 2019 Tech Suit Review this week as it continues to be the most widely read swim tech suit review in the swimming industry. This year’s review is the biggest SwimOutlet.com has ever undertaken featuring, for the first time, four expert reviewers and comprehensive suit ratings by category.

2019 Tech Suit Review Ali Deloof and Julie Stupp

Suit reviewers: Julie Stupp and Ali DeLoof, Photo Courtesy: SwimOutlet.com

Suits reviewed include the top swimming tech suits unveiled by the world’s leading brands in 2019 that will be on the deck and atop the podium at the 2020 Tokyo Games. It features suits from arena, Mizuno, Speedo, TYR, FINIS and Funkita.

First started in 2013, the annual Tech Suit Review has become SwimOutlet.com’s most popular product category comparison test and is the go-to destination for customers, coaches, and swimmers around the world to read independent opinions and reviews from experts about new racing suits from the top manufacturers.

“This is such an exciting year for new swim race suits with an eye on what we can expect to see in the pool at Tokyo 2020,” said Alexander Sienkiewicz, Chief Marketing Officer at SwimOutlet.com. “The world’s leading swim brands went back to the basics this year – power, compression and speed – in the launch of their new top-of-the-line suits and we’re glad to provide this comprehensive resource with our 2019 Tech Suit Review that can help swimmers choose the best tech suit for their needs.”

The independent reviews and product testing were completed over the past month by veteran reviewers: two-time gold medalist Mark Gangloff (Columbia, MO) and Olympic Trials and NCAA finalist Julie Stupp (Los Angeles, CA). Two newcomers to the review panel are 2015 Pan American Games gold medalist Giles Smith (Phoenix, AZ) and 3-time Short Course World Champion Ali DeLoof (La Jolla, CA).

The reviewers each received product briefings on the new suits and then tested them over multiple sessions assessing the suits for size/fit, material construction and performance in the water.

2019 Tech Suit review Ali Deloof TYR

Ali DeLoof wearing TYR tech suit, Photo Courtesy: SwimOutlet.com


2019 Tech Suit Review Julie Stupp Speedo Tech Suit

Julie Stupp in Speedo tech suit, Photo Courtesy: Swimoutlet.com


2019 Tech Suit Review Ali Deloof Mizuno

Ali DeLoof in Mizuno tech suit, Photo Courtesy: SwimOutlet.com

The product highlights from the 2019 Tech Suit Review include:

  • Two suits from legendary swim brand Speedo – the maximum compression Pure Intent and the more flexible Pure Valor. (Available in March at SwimOutlet.com)
  • The first-ever review of a Mizuno racing suit with the Mizuno GX-Sonic III now available in the U.S. at SwimOutlet.com.
  • The TYR Venzo, the suit of choice for the world’s most dominant female swimmer, Katie Ledecky.
  • The recently-launched arena Carbon air2, known for its second-skin like fabric.
  • Global debuts and sneak peeks at both the FINIS Rival 2.0 (available in March at SwimOutlet.com) and Funkita/Funky Trunks Apex Storm (available in April at SwimOutlet.com) prior to their release.

Along with the 2019 Tech Suit Review, SwimOutlet.com encourages swimmers to also review product and brand information, sizing charts, customer comments and feedback from peers and coaches when making their purchasing decision.

Read the 2019 Tech Suit Review

Comment below and let us know what you think about the new tech suits!

For more information, visit www.swimoutlet.com, Instagram.com/swimoutlet, and Facebook.com/swimoutlet

SwimOutlet 2019 Tech Suit Review

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Susan Hughes
3 years ago

Excellent breakdown of the female suits. I only have a girl swimmer so I didn’t read the male review, sorry. Great detail and information on all the technology. We cannot wait to see all these suits for the remainder of the 2020 cycle.

3 years ago

Clovis Marion

3 years ago

Allie Hanson

3 years ago

Stacy Skeen Kirkpatrick Jill Massie-BraunKaren Thor Bland Julie NaveSpencer Royer

3 years ago

A-lane de Faoite ??

3 years ago

That’s crazy- I am in Europe and can’t even read the revie. “forbidden” what?