Steven Munatones In Critical Condition with Heart Attack; Asking For Prayers

Steven Munatones

Swimming World Magazine contributor and Open Water Swimming advocate, Steven Munatones, suffered a heart attack yesterday morning.   According to reports, his son Skyler Munatones performed CPR until paramedics arrived. Swimming World was also told by a family member that he went to the emergency room earlier in the week with pain and the doctors missed it.  Family members were thankful for the CPR heroically preformed by Skyler and encourage everyone to know the early signs of a heart attack and to learn CPR.  Prayers and good thoughts are requested by the family.


Munatones is considered a leading authority on Open Water Swimming throughout the world.  He has taken strong positions in support of safety standards to ensure that Open Water Swimmers compete in safe environments and was very instrumental in seeing change after the Open Water Death of Fran Crippen. He has also been a contributor to Swimming World for several years authoring pieces on open water events online and writing for the open water issue each year.

Swimming World is in contact with the family and will keep the Aquatic Community informed of any changes in his condition.  Our prayers go out to Steven, his wife and four children.


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    Angelo & Jana

    Steve..We are praying and have entered your name on the St. Bonaventure prayer list and also candles have been lit to keep a vigil for you. God Bless You

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    tom mcgann

    Prayers from brooklyn for a good man

  3. Rebecca Jarre

    Thinking of you and your family Steve…..

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    My prayers from Tunisia to Sir Steven Munatones to recover, Great Lord save the world leader of Open Water Swimming and give him the force to live !!!

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    Prayers for you Steve Munatones for a speedy recovery!

    Thanks for being friends on Facebook!
    Pia Lord

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    Bryan Buck

    Get better soon Steven; full and speedy recovery!!

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    Leonel Medina

    Praying for Steven
    A great man and my inspiration for open waters swimming
    We are with you Steven!!!
    from here in Panama

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    Walter Carpi

    Grande Steven affido le mie preghiere per Lei a Padre Pio perchè lei è una colonna per noi nuotatori,
    serena guarigione Walter Carpi.

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    Pedro Ordenes

    Steve, everyone in the the world of swimming is strong, is a fighter, is a winner. We all know you will be triumphant at the end You have inspired so many of us, that we will keep praying for your recovery, so you can keep inspiring many generations of swimmers ahead. Our Alcatraz swim tomorrow Saturday, will be dedicated to you. Dedicated to the hero of open water swimming.
    Coach Pedro on behalf of Water World Swim -San Francisco, Ca.

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    Ingrid Schmitz

    Santa Barbara City College Ocean Swimming is praying for you and your family ❤️.

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    Astrida Kreilis

    Sending positive energy and warm thoughts from OZ

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    Adrian Sarchet

    Everyone in Guernsey is thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. You have inspired so many open water swimmers to do what they thought was impossible. Hang in there my friend – swim to the next feed.

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    Wendy Trehiou

    On belhalf of the Jersey Open water swimming community our thoughts are with Steve and family. You are such an inspiration to many swimmers Steve. Sending lots of positive vibes.

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    Mike Crosby

    I worked for Steve (and swam with him at lunch at the Culver City Plunge) for a summer internship in 1999, and he remains one of the smartest, kindest, warmest, and inspiring bosses I have ever had. Sending warm thoughts his way and to his wife and kids!!

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    We are praying for you, Steven. Hang in there.

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    Michael Read

    Dear Steven,
    The thoughts and prayers of all the members of the Channel Swimming Association go out to you, wishing you a speedy and full recovery. This is clearly one of those times when you are going to be asked to “dig deep”, but you can do it, we are all shouting for you.

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    Shocked to hear the news. Wishing Steven a speedy recovery. The team at New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.

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    Tiffany McQueen

    Stay strong!

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    Marta R Gaughen

    Speedy recovery Steve…prayers and strength for you and your family <3

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    Kurt Kroesche

    I met Steve almost 30 years ago when I was an undergrad and swimming at Industry Hills during the summer. Everybody loved that guy. He was the kindest, funniest, and most sincere member of the team — a real man among boys. I know he has a great soul, so I’m praying for his heart today. Blessings to you, Steve!

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    Barbara Amato

    I add my prayers. May God bring you back to a full recovery.

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    Barbara Amato

    God bless

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    Steven – my heartfelt good wishes for a speedy recovery and warmest best wishes to your family supporting you at this critical time. From an open water who is very grateful for your work for us over the years xx xx God bless xx xx

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    Rob Davis

    Steve and Family:
    I pray for your complete recovery to wellness. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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    Lynne Cox

    Heard from Ned that you’re on your way back! That wonderful news. Thinking of you and cheering you on. All the best wishes. Lynne Cox