Shayna Jack Hearing Set For Late June as Sport Integrity Australia Seeks to Have Her Doping Ban Extended

Photo Courtesy: Ian Hanson

Shayna Jack Hearing Set For Late June as Sport Integrity Australia Seeks to Have Her Doping Ban Extended

Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) will be appealing the two-year doping suspension of Australian sprinter Shayna Jack after she tested positive for the banned substance Ligandrol before the 2019 World Championships. Jack’s four-year ban was reduced to two years after a hearing from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) but the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and SIA are appealing that verdict, asking for the full four-year ban to be served.

Jack’s appeal will be held in front of a trio of CAS judges on June 28-29, according to a story from the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). Regardless of the outcome, Jack will be ineligible to race at the Australian Olympic Trials in June. She is already back in training with her coach Dean Boxall at the decorated St. Peters Western club in Brisbane, according to SMH writer Phil Lutton.

CAS found that Shayna Jack “did not intentionally ingest Ligandrol and considered that she had discharged her onus of proving that the anti-doping rule violation was not intentional.”

However, SIA said in December 2020 that after “careful consideration of the legal issues” it had decided to lodge a case with CAS Appeals Division.

“Sport Integrity Australia will always act to ensure a level playing field for athletes,” chief executive David Sharpe said in a statement.

“In order to protect athletes and sporting competitions, we must have clarity and consistency in the application of the World Anti-Doping Code.”

Upon receiving her shortened suspension in November 2020, Shayna Jack wrote:

“CAS has confirmed in emphatic terms that I did not intentionally, knowingly or recklessly use Ligandrol, in any manner.

“The anti-doping rules are far from satisfactory and can produce results that are far from fair. In my case, I have proven that I have NOT ever cheated, nor used prohibited substances intentionally or knowingly,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I cannot change the rules and the rules will remain as they are for the time being. Therefore, I accept this decision with a positive attitude and with gratitude that my career as a swimmer will resume next year.

“I have never doubted myself for a minute throughout this ordeal and I have never allowed my integrity to be compromised. I walk a little taller tonight with the fact that this ordeal is finally over. I am returning to swimming – the sport that I have loved all my life and the sport that I will cherish just that little bit more ongoing.”

In 2019, Shayna Jack was ranked third in Australia in the 200 free (1:56.37) and fourth in the 100 freestyle (53.18) as she was set to be a key relay member in the 4×100 and 4×200 free relays at the 2019 Worlds, which Australia won the gold medal in at those championships, with the latter coming in a world record.


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    Her white privilege will get her off while a Chinese swimmer gets 8 years ban, we all know the book would be tossed at a Russian but a white girl from Australia gets off with a pat on the wrist. These racists making decisions posing as people with objectivity.

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    Yal Abraham .RUBBISH. YOUR”E looking for racism where it doesn’t exist.