SCS Junior Olympic Championships Back On: Mission Viejo To Host This Weekend

New Start - Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

The Southern California Swimming (SCS) Junior Olympic Championships will be held from tomorrow until Sunday, as planned, at an alternative venue after the meet was cancelled at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Santa Clara Swim Club, due to a City mandate issued as part of containment measures in the coronavirus (COVID-19) global health emergency.

The meet will now be hosted at the Marguerite Recreation Center, Mission Viejo, after much scrambling by organisers and the MV City Mayor, Brian Goodell, the 1976 Olympic 400m and 1500m champion.

Cancellation followed a Santa Clara City mandate to cancel for all organisers of gatherings of more than 1,000 people as a way of helping to contain the spread of the coronavirus as the number of infections in the area passed 30.

When the SCS Board learned late Monday night that the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center could no longer be the host for the 2020 Spring JO Champs at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, SCS had teams in other communities respond by offering to host the JO Championships this weekend, March 12-15, at their facilities.

The SCS Board met for 2 hours via conference call yesterday after the original meet was cancelled, and the move to Mission Viejo was agreed “after much discussion”.


  1. Andrea Dickinson

    YMCA Nationals in Greensboro NC were canceled yesterday. Any chance they could be back on?

    • avatar

      I doubt it. The national YMCA is an incredibly risk adverse organization. It is also a different problem because you would be having thousands of people flying in from across the country for the meet as opposed to just finding a different venue. So, even the great Brian Goodell could not fix this problem.

    • Jennifer Frasca Kolberg

      Heather Brouwer Johnson yes, from what I heard. Same facility, too. From what I understand they are just looking to see if they can get the staffing and officials to run it.

    • Heather Brouwer Johnson

      Jennifer Frasca Kolberg -that would be amazing. I’ll try not to get my hopes up. What a disappointment yesterday.

    • Andrea Dickinson

      Our swimmer was disappointed too. Keeping our fingers crossed- not cancelled our hotel room yet

  2. Rebecca Lauterbach

    Kudos to the meet organizers!!! Way to pull through for the kids!!!!

  3. Mike McHenry

    Now THATS Leadership…well done, MIssion Viejo!

  4. Diana Chaney

    Sr.Sectionals was cancelled in Federal Way, Wa yesterday, too! Wish our swimmers had an alternative?

    • Gail Peterson Frey

      Diana Chaney not enough 50m pools in PAC NW greatly limits options. It was definitely devastating news yesterday.

  5. Phil Sundahl

    Way to go Brian!!! Good luck to all the swimmers!

  6. Julie Tellier

    My son is extremely happy to have his meet back on. Thank you Mayor Brian and Mission Viejo

  7. Kiki Farmer

    Glad a solution was found for those athletes!!!!!🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️❤️

    • Michael Farmer

      Great!!! Pasadena is a conservative community, and the pool is not privately owned, which MV is! Glad they could do this. Of course, the Mayor is Brian Goodell, world champion swimmer.

  8. Andrew Smidt

    Melissa Bigknife Karen Tom Allard SBR Sports, Inc.

  9. Fawn Liu

    How I wish our location JO can be back on, too!

    • Dave Johnson

      Heather Brouwer Johnson already found the article! 😂

  10. Allison Gober

    So happy to hear that some people aren’t feared into stopping life!!! #JustKeepSwimming

    Now for the YMCA Nationals go figure something out! 🤞🏼

    • Heather Underwood

      Agree! Our ymca states are next weekend…I’m praying nothing changes…have a first time qualifying 7 year old that will be heartbroken if they cancel lol (new york)

    • Dave Johnson

      Lori Jo McCullough Heather Brouwer Johnson

  11. avatar
    Concerned Parent

    Hate to be that guy, but changing location does not address COVID-19 concerns. Events are being postponed/canceled all around the world as a precaution and to help prevent spreading, yet SCS thinks we’re somehow immune? This isn’t good leadership, it’s negligent. I understand there’s alot of money tied up, it’s effecting everyone.

  12. Michelle Davidson

    Great job making this work, SCS! Too bad Ohio Swimming can’t seem to do the same. 😒

  13. Pamela Wu

    Hope everyone be healthy and have a successful event! Looking forward to see some fast swim!!

  14. Bonita Applebaum

    Much love to all the swimmers, families, and coaches at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. ❤️🌹Very difficult to make that call. God bless us all! ✨🌟✨

  15. Mary Liston

    Sectionals cancelled at university of Missouri – but more importantly Brian Goddell is mayor!!? That pretty cool

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