Sarah Sjostrom Unleashes 51.71 100 Free World Record

Photo Courtesy: Maria Dobysheva

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Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden unleashed a monstrous time of 51.71 to lower the World Record in the women’s 100 free and become the first woman under 52 seconds. Her time of 51.71 also stands as the new Swedish National Record and European Record.

Sjostrom did all this while swimming the lead off leg for Sweden’s 400 free relay. Her time took down Australia’s Cate Campbell’s previous world record of 52.06, set in July of 2016.

Comparative splits:

  • Sjostrom (2017): 24.83, 26.88 = 51.71
  • Campbell (2016): 24.89, 27.17 = 52.06

Team Sweden would go on to finish fifth with a time of 3:33.94.


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    Those splits aren’t right for Campbell, perhaps her first 50 was 24.89 not 23.89?? Doesn’t add up.

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      I think you’re forgetting the reaction time, they would be about +0.60

      • avatar

        @Mish Reaction time is always included in the first split. Campbell’s should probably be 24.89 as Kathu wrote.

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        Taylor Brien

        Campbell’s first split is 24.89. My apologies for the typo!

    • Malcom X Luwambo

      Didnt end well though as her relay colleagues were very slow, finnished 4th thanks to her WR great start.

      • avatar

        Swedens second leg was 52,68. Thats fast too

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        SWE have 2 legitimately world class 100free swimmers in SS & Coleman and a 3rd who can split sub54 but due to the fact that their 4th swimmer is well below those standards, they KNOW they aren’t likely to contend for a medal unless one of the more fancied teams breaks or have a really bad night.

        So they went into this race with a primary focus of providing SS with the opportunity to have a clean run at the 100free WR by leading off. By front end loading with SS & Coleman who was also firing; they then gave their weaker legs the best possible chance of holding on for an upset bronze medal … and they only fell 1sec short and with a sizeble NR

        Somehow I think the SWE team will be going away happy …. even if they don’t satisfy your lofty standards

  2. Pepe Sanchez Alfonso

    Edwin Cruz Martinez le gana al 99 % de los hombres en PR😂😂

  3. Dilek Newlon

    I bet she will crash the 100 fly record too!

  4. Clare Higgins

    Pretty special! Shame to break a world record and not get a medal for it but no doubt that’ll come soon x

  5. Giulia Filocca

    Erin Kennedy we need to live up to this tomorrow lol

  6. Katherine Macrae

    Ah Donna remember your 4 am starts with Danielle ? That was a time !!