Report: Athletes Considering Boycott of ISL Playoffs Over Missed Payments

(photo: Mike Lewis) - ISL

Report: Athletes Considering Boycott of ISL Playoffs Over Missed Payments

According to a report by veteran journalist Phil Lutton of the Sydney Morning Herald, athletes competing in the International Swimming League (ISL) have discussed the possibility of a playoff boycott due to unpaid wages dating to the 2020 season. The eight-team postseason is scheduled to begin in Eindhoven in early November.

Since the start of the ISL in 2019, there have been repeated statements of financial difficulties within the ISL, most notably the lack of payment to the men and women who are the centerpiece of the league. Now, there is word that some athletes are considering pushing back and may take a stand against the league for what they are owed ahead of the biggest meets of the season.

In addition to missed payments to athletes from the previous season, in which the Cali Condors captured the team championship, the ISL reportedly owes money to its staff and contractors. According to Lutton, who is one of Australia’s top journalists, some venues in the United Kingdom and Hungary will not allow for an ISL return to their facilities until financial obligations are met.

During an episode of the Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast in the summer, American standout Amy Bilquist noted that she had not been paid for her work during the 2020 ISL season. More, former officials within the league have gone public about the ISL’s handling of its finances, claiming that bills were not paid, on top of missed payments to athletes.


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    Isabelle fraser

    Sounds like a politician I know. I hope they resolve it, not fair to the participants..

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    This isn’t a business, it is a hobby costing a lot of $$$

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    Once you fall behind in payments and outstanding debts it is very hard to rise back up and become a profitable … this could be the beginning of the end for the ISL idea

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