Real Talk: 5 Undeniable Aspects Of Being an Athlete

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Real Talk: 5 Undeniable Aspects Of Being an Athlete

Being an athlete comes with its own set of skills and hardships. Sports are not fun all the time, and there are sacrifices in sports. However, being an athlete also helps athletes work on skills that allow them to enjoy the rest of their life. Here is some real talk about what it means to be an athlete: 

Understanding How to Set Goals

Most athletes have set at least one goal. Coaches are helpful, by often providing goal sheets or meetings to discuss how to break down goals into realistic, everyday targets. This type of goal setting works well in all other aspects of life. For those in school, it can help with breaking down assignments and schoolwork. Even in work, goal setting is productive. A great part about being an athlete is being able to visualize the steps to success in every area of life. Even when athletes don’t get their goal in the pool or in real life, athletes also know how to progress from “failure.” 

Missing Important Events 

For some reason, the fun stuff always happens at the same time as swim meets. Sometimes a significant swim meet is the same weekend as prom or the big football game. There are also friend and family birthdays, concerts, and so much more. Missing these events for a meet can be really disappointing and difficult. It can sometimes feel like athletes miss out on the important parts of life. And that is sometimes true. 

Time Management

Being an athlete means possessing good time management. Balancing work and school with other extracurricular activities can feel like a miracle. Being able to be efficient in getting work done to make time for the fun things is an important skill. This can be used throughout the rest of your life. It also means that athletes have to make time to relax and have fun. This can often be hard because that is the first thing to go when busy with school. 

Having an Unhealthy Team Environment

Not all team environments are built the same. Unfortunately for many athletes, they have experienced an unhealthy team environment. Sometimes it is hard to recognize when you are experiencing one. The unfortunate part about being in an unhealthy environment is that it stays when you leave.  

Being Able to Work with Others

Swimming isn’t often considered a team sport like soccer or football, but you still learn to work with others. Most swimmers don’t train alone, and work with their teammates daily. From figuring out lane order, to dryland partners, swimmers have to be able to work with their teammates. Working well with others is one of the most important life tools. Communication is necessary within every relationship and work environment. 


Self-worth can be a bit complicated. Working hard and being successful can help boost self-worth. Not doing well can also be a massive hit, especially over the course of many seasons. It can be hard not to let what is happening in athletics bleed into other parts of your life. Sometimes it is easy for athletes define themselves by their athletic career, and not as just one important aspect of their lives.


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