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Swimming World Magazine March 2014 Issue

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Michigan’s Connor Jaeger:  Dedication is what sets apart the University of Michigan’s Connor Jaeger from his competition.  The Senior Captian’s commitment to success and his leadership skills will be on dieplay at the men’s division I NCAAs later this month when Jaeger-last year’s 500 and 1650 champ-leads the worlverines in their quest for back-toback-team titles.



008 Lessons with the Legends: Don Gambril

by Miachael Stott

012 Dryland for Kids: Waiting on Weights (Part II)

by Michael J. Stott

This month, Keenan Robinson, director of athlete services at North Baltimore Aquatic Club and former chief athletic trainer for Michigan men’s 2013 NCAA swimming and diving national champions continues the dialogue.

014 Goldminds: Ten tips to turn your Terrible turns into Terrifically Tremendous Turns

by Wayne Golsmith

016 Connor Jaeger: Going the extra Mile

by Shoshanna Rutemiller

020 Let’s Do It Again!

by Jeff Commings

026 You Can Count on Cal!

by Jeff Commings

031 Maintaining the Status Quo

by Jason Marsteller

041 Dryside Training: Connect at the Core

by JR Rosania

042 Ask Dr. Shannon: Chest Flexibility and Midback Mobility

by Shannon McBride

045 Q & A with Caoch Peter Linn

by Michael Stott

047 How They Train Jacob Hanson

by Michael Stott

048 Swimmiing Technique Misconception: Freestyle Hand Path

by Rod Havriluk


006 A Voice for the Sport

051 Up & Comers

052 Gutter Talk

054 Parting Shot