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Swimming World Magazine January 2015 Issue

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USA Swimming is producing a documentary film that explores the dark chapter in Olympic history of systemic doping by the East German women at the 1976 Olympics.  It also tells the story of the against-all-odds triumph by the American women’s 4×100 relay that ended the meet in Montreal. East German swimmers Kornelia Ender, Petra Thumer and Andrea Pollack also contribute to the film. (See story, page 30, and related stories, pages 18,26 and 29).



012 Mind Games Forever

by Michael J. Stott

Personal and team traditions and rituals are just as much a part of the sport of swimming as the competition itself.  Ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, swimmers and teams do whatever it takes to perform their best.

018 Doing The Risght Thing!

 by Jason Marsteller

A year ago, Swimming World Magazine vacated its women’s World and European Swimmer of the Year awards from nine East German swimmers from the 1970s and 80s.  Now, the magazine proclaims the rightful winners.

020 2014 Athletes OF The Year: Diving, Polo, Synchro, Disabled Swimming

by Jason Marsteller

022 2014 World And American Record Progression

by Jason Marsteller

026 Top 10 Triumphs & Tragedies

by Chuck Warner

Beginning in its April issue and running through February 2015, Swimming World Magazine is counting down the top 10 triumphs and tragedies in the history of swimming.  This month:#2 The Greatest Triumph in Swimming History.

011 5 Top Stories Of 2014

028 Reflecting On History: An Interview With Jill Sterkel

by Jeff Commings

031 The Greatest Olympic Story Never Told

by Casey Barrett

Here’s a sneak peak at the making of “The Last Gold”-a documentary film about the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.


008 Lessons With The Legends: Richard Shoulberg

010 Turn Technique

014 Swimming Technique Misconception: Freestyle Staright-Arm Pull

 by Rod Havriluk

A common swimming technique misconception is that maintaining a straight-arm pull produces the fastest freestyle.  A related misconception is that different pulls are more effective for different racing courses: a straight-arm pull for short course and a bent-arm pull for long course.

041 Q&A With Coach Tim Conley

 by Michael J. Stott

042 How They Train Zach Piedt

by Michael Stott


042 Dryside Training: Medicine Ball Madness

 by J.R. Rosania


016 Goldminds: Never Give Up!

by Wayne Goldsmith

You haven’t swum a personal best time in… HOW LONG?  Well, here’s how you can over-come the dreaded P.P.P.-aka a Personal Performance Plateau!

043 Up & Comers


006 A Voice for the Sport

044 Gutter Talk

046 Parting Shot