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Swimming World Magazine February 2012 Issue

In this issue:

7 International Spotlight: South Africa
by Jason Marsteller

9 Lane Lines to London sponsored by Competitor
by Jason Marsteller
This month’s regional Olympic preview features Africa.

12 2012 Olympic Preview: Water Polo by Emily Sampl
At this summer’s London Olympics, the water polo competition looks to be a dogfight, with no clear favorites among the men or women.

14 Olympic Flashback by Jeff Commings with special contributions by Steve Johnson
Duke Kahanamoku, Aileen Riggin, Johnny Weissmuller, Yasuji Miyazaki and Hendrika Mastengroek were among the champions who competed in the Olympics between 1920 and 1936.

16 Rising above the Crowd by John Lohn
Come this summer in London, Sarah Sjostrom just might have what it takes to become Sweden’s first female Olympic gold medalist.

19 Defining Moments by Jason Marsteller
USA Swimming’s senior and junior nationals as well as the Duel in the Pool between the United States and Europe highlighted the end-of-the-year competition.

20 Workout Card: Crimson Tide Masters
by Coach Catalina Casaru

22 Q&A with Coach Sean Peters by Michael J. Stott

25 How They Train: Kayla Scott by Michael J. Stott

26 The Case for Volume by Michael J. Stott
Part I of a two-part series on volume examines the premise that mega-yardage is a requisite for distance swimming excellence.

28 USSSA: Swimming with Autism
by Tammy Anderson-Lee

35 National Age Group Record Setter by Judy Jacob

36 American Relay by Judy Jacob

37 TYR Age Group Swimmer of the Month

6 A Voice for the Sport
30 Camp Directory
39 Lane 9/Gutter Talk
40 For the Record
45 Calendar
46 Parting Shot