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Swimming World Magazine August 2015 Issue

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For just the second time since Swimming World Magazine has selected national high school swimmers of the year, the female and male winners come from the same USA Swimming club. Two-time winner Katie Ledecky (Stone Ridge School, Md.) and Andrew Seliskar (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology, Va.) both represent the Nation’s Capital Swim Club, though they train at different facilities under different coaches. Janelle Atkinson and Alex Lim (Bolles School, Fla.) received the honors in 2000. (See stories, pages 16 and 21, plus related story, page 26.) [PHOTO BY DOMEYKO PHOTOGRAPHY, WWW.DOMEYKOPHOTOGRAPHY.COM]

016 KATIE LEDECKY: FOREVER A STONE RIDGE GATOR by Annie Grevers Katie Ledecky was recognized as Swimming World’s Female High School Swimmer of the Year for the second straight year. She is a rare species in the water, continually chasing her own world records. But her herculean swims in the pool are merely pixels in the broad image of her life.

021 ANDREW SELISKAR: SUPER-HUMBLE SUPERSTAR by Jeff Commings Andrew Seliskar earned Swimming World’s Male High School Swimmer of the Year award for his stellar performances at the Virginia 5A Championships. He chased not only his lifetime bests, but also the national high school records in the 100 yard fly and 200 IM, helping his teammates at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology capture their first-ever state team title.

026 TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL by Annie Grevers and Jeff Commings The California Golden Bears hit the jackpot in this season’s recruiting wars, as three of the magazine’s four High School Swimmer of the Year runners-up will begin their promising NCAA careers at Cal: Katie McLaughlin, Abbey Weitzeil and Michael Thomas. This season’s other runner-up, Grant Shoults, has one more year of high school remaining.

031 A YEAR TO REMEMBER by Jason Marsteller Within the ranks of California high school swimming, the year 2015 will be remembered as the year “The Golden State” finally held a statewide championship.

033 HELPING HANDS by Michael J. Stott A little cooperation and trust between club and high school coaches can go a long way in helping swimmers achieve their goals.

040 DRYSIDE TRAINING: DRYLAND TAPER by J.R. Rosania Last month’s issue provided exercises to develop more power, thereby creating more distance per stroke. This month, our objective is to convert that power into speed.


012 PREPARING FOR THE PRIZE by Michael J. Stott While last month’s article on tapering focused on age group and senior swimmers, the second in a two-part series deals with what works best for college swimmers.

014 SWIMMING TECHNIQUE MISCONCEPTIONS: HULL SPEED by Rod Havriluk A longer hull length (i.e., body) is supposedly desirable because hull length is directly related to a theoretical “hull speed” or maximum practical speed for that hull length. The hull speed formula shows that a longer hull length has a higher hull speed. However, the formula predicts a hull speed that is considerably slower than current swimming velocity. This month’s article explores the science related to the hull speed misconception.


041 Q&A WITH COACH CHRIS DAVIS by Michael J. Stott

043 HOW THEY TRAIN AMANDA WEIR by Michael J. Stott

036 SO, YOU WANT TO BE A CHAMPION? HERE’S HOW! by Wayne Goldsmith Here are 10 tips to becoming a champion.Now’s the time to take that first step.


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