Swimming World Biweekly: 2015 Swimming Year In Review



Swimming World Biweekly: 2015 Swimming Year In Review

Katie Ledecky Highlights Final Day of 2015 Nation’s Capital Invitational
by: Taylor Brien
Katie Ledecky threw down a record shattering 8:59.65 in the 1,000-yard free to kick off the fourth and final day of the 2015 Nation’s Capital Invitational.

Richard Quick Inducted Into Texas Sports Hall of Fame
by Jeff Commings
The late Richard Quick will be posthumously inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in April as one of seven inductees across four sports.

Everyday Struggles of a Swim Parent
by Diana Pimer
You may be a pro swim parent, but some things just never get any easier! Sometimes swim parents struggle just as much as the swimmers, but with far less credit. Here are 6 everyday struggles of a swim parent.

Things Your Coach is Tired of Yelling
by Allison Peters
We all know what it is like to have your swimming coach yelling at the top of their lungs during practice, trying to get our attention. Here’s a few things that you can improve on to reduce some of this noise.

David Nolan Smashes Through 1:40 With NCAA, American Record in 200 IM
by Jason Marsteller
Stanford’s David Nolan crashed through the 1:40 barrier in the men’s 200-yard IM as he demolished his NCAA and American record at the NCAA Division I Mens National Championship

How Much Swimming Training is Right for Me?
by Wayne Goldsmith
This is without doubt the Biggest Question in swimming today and is probably the most important question ever asked in the sport.

Bowman & Phelps Heading to Arizona State University
by Jason Marsteller
Bob Bowman, the head coach and CEO of North Baltimore Aquatic Club and Michael Phelps mentor, has taken the vacant Arizona State University head coaching position. Additionally, Michael Phelps will be following Bowman to Tempe as part of the move.

This Stuff Just Doesn’t Happen in January!
by David Rieder
World records do not fall very often. And when they do, it’s usually in the summer with the likes of Katie Ledecky, in July and August. January? Not so much.

How To “Flip The Switch” Before a Race
by Graham Bodner and J. Max Ginsberg
When I step up on the block, I flip a switch and I am a racer.” What is this mental switch that many athletes possess, and why is it so sought after?

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Rivals Closer
by Diana Pimer
Swimming can be one of life’s greatest experiences for swimmers. There is nothing more calming before a big race or hard set than looking over at your friends, who are probably more confident in you than you are in yourself.

Swimming and CrossFit: An Enduring Controversy
by Seren Jones
CrossFit is known as one of the most controversial activities in the sporting industry. CrossFit is a form of exercise that focuses on all fitness components, primarily muscle strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, and power.

Spectacular Exhibition
by Jason Marsteller
Michael Phelps swam an unofficial time of 1:40.84 in the 200-yard IM on the first night at the American Short Course Championships, but it wont count as it wasn’t in a time trial capacity.

3 Reasons Why 100 IM Should Not Be Swum at NCAA Championships
by Jeff Commings
On June 25th 2015, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a rule allowing conferences to add the 100-yard individual medley to championship competition. It is not required. The event will follow the 1,650-yard freestyle competition on the final day of the meet. The race is commonly held as the last event of international meets.

FINA Confirms Open Water Race in UAE Where Fran Crippen Died; Triples Prize Pool
by Jason Marsteller
FINA has stripped the “to be confirmed” tag from the Abu Dhabi, UAE open water event that is part of its FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup schedule.

Missy Franklin Wins Honda Award as Top Female College Swimmer
by Jeff Commings
Missy Franklin was picked as a Collegiate Women Sports Awards winner — better known as the Honda Sports Awards — as the top collegiate swimmer of the 2014-2015 season.

How College Swimming Changed 4-Star General James Cartwright’s Life
by Annie Grevers
“Swimming dominates your life in those years, but it gave me a leg up on those who had never lived in a structured environment, I could tell the guys who had been in college sports – they understood how to work with peers and perform under trying conditions.”

Cameron van der Burgh Breaks Into Top 15 in 100 Breast in Durban
by Jason Marsteller
The final day of competition at the South African Grand Prix in Durban featured a world-class time by breaststroke star Cameron van der Burgh.

10 Things Parents Do That Coaches Can’t Stand
by Wayne Goldsmith
It should be relatively straight forward: coaches coach; swimmers swim, parents parent. Not that all that complicated really. So why is it that so many coaches will tell you that their biggest problem – is working with difficult and sometimes destructive swimming parents

California’s Elizabeth Pelton Has Surgery to Fix Broken Hand
by Jason Marsteller
Elizabeth Pelton, entering her senior season at the University of California, underwent surgery for a broken bone in her hand today according to California Athletics.

Walk the Walk
by: David Rieder & Evan Dulaney
With his rivals taking verbal jabs at him half a world away, michael phelps shut them up with three world best times.

Bob Bowman, David Marsh Discuss Olympic Head Coaching Jobs, 2016 Olympics Challenges
by: Jeff Commings
Shortly after USA Swimming announced them as the head coaches for the 2016 Olympics, Bob Bowman and David Marsh spoke with the media about the expectations placed on them in the 11 months before the Rio Olympics and their duties as coaches of the most successful swimming nation.day of the 2015 Nation’s Capital Invitational.

Cate Campbell Lowers World Record in 100 Free With 200 Free Split
by: Jason Marsteller
Sprint queen Cate Campbell created history in Sydney when she became the first woman to crack 51 seconds for 100m freestyle.

The Effects of Professional Swimming: Are Male Swimmers Staying in the Sport Too Long?
by Patrick Murphy
As we approach the Olympic year, we get to see a number of veterans compete in what’s believed to be their last go around. The World Championship roster includes multiple two-time Olympians, and countless swimmers over the age of 25

6 Simple Lessons from Coaching Legends You Should Implement Now
by Wayne Goldsmith
I’ve had the great honor and privilege to attend and speak at three of world’s most prestigious and important swimming coaching conferences: I came away with 6 Simple Lessons From Coaching Legends You Should Implement Now.

The Ledecky Factor
by Emma Foster
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you are probably aware of the phenomenon that is Katie Ledecky. Ledecky’s performance at the 2015 World Championships was record-breaking in every sense of the word.

Smile. You’ll Swim Faster.
by Cathleen Pruden
Swimming is fun. On some level, we all believe this. If we didn’t, we would not wake up before the sun and launch our bodies into cold water, following a black line up and down a pool, oxygen deprived, with burning muscles.

Katie Ledecky Wins Multiple Honors at USAS Convention
by Jeff Commings
For the third consecutive year, Olympic gold medalist and world record-holder Katie Ledecky (Bethesda, Md./Nation’s Capital Swim Club) was named the USA Swimming Athlete of the Year.

World Anti-Doping Agency Accuses Russia of Massive Doping Cover-Up
by Jeff Commings
A commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency has released a 323-page report that does not mince words, accusing the Russian government of destroying urine samples and accepting bribes from athletes to cover up positive drug tests.

6 Goosebump Moments of 2015
by Andy Ross
There were a lot of moments from 2015 where I got goosebumps from watching certain swimmers do well, or just from seeing truly impressive performances. Here are some of those goosebump-inducing moments of 2015…

Katie Ledecky on Time Magazine List of 30 Most Influential Teens
by Jeff Commings
Since winning the gold medal in the 800 freestyle at the 2012 Olympics, Katie Ledecky has been inspiring a generation of female swimmers to become the next top distance swimmer in the world.