Swimming Technique January 1998



Table of Contents


  • What The Australians Are Really Doing :Aussies Kieren Perkins, Glen Housman, Dan Kowalski and Grant Hackett are all faster than the fastest American distance swimmer. And 14-year-old Ian Thorpe may be the best yet! What do they know about distance swimming that we don’t? By Ran Johnson … 9


  • Liability And The Age Group Swimming Coach : Besides teaching their swimmers how to swim faster, coaches have more responsibilities and concerns than planning each day’s workout. One of those concerns is liability. In an age when coaches run the risk of being sued by their athletes for negligence, it is important to know how to reduce liability. By Clay Daughtrey … 47


  • Visualization And Imagery : While visualization and imagery are somewhat alike, they are not the same. Each mental skill uses differing psychophysiological functions of the brain. Visualization is seeing with your mind; imagery implies that a self-image is supplying stimulus for use in skill development and performance. By Rayma Ditson-Sommer … 49