Swimming Technique October 2001



Table of Contents


  • Learn from the Olympians : A Turn for the Better: By practicing your turn against the bottom of the pool, you’ll be able to flip your legs and feet much faster when you do your normal flip turn against the wall. By Rada Owen … 9


  • Jewel Pools: “Getting better all the time” may be a lyrical way to describe Swimming Technique’s fifth annual review of  new pool construction. By Michael J. Stott … 12


  • Rethinking Sprint Breaststroke: Should sprint breaststrokers breathe every stroke or use, alternate breathing? The suggestion is made that there is a benefit to alternate breathing, while Olympians Mike Barrowman and Kristy Kowal offer their reactions. By Wayne McCauJey … 17


  • Training Tom Dolan for Sydney 2000: Tom Dolan can lay claim to being the greatest all-around swimmer in history. This article outlines the training that ted to his Olympic gold medal and world record in the 400 IM in Sydney last year. By Rick Curl … 21