Swimming Technique July 2001



Table of Contents


  • Bench Marks: Swim benches are not only helpful in developing specific strength in swimmers, but they are also invaluable in addressing the critical areas of endurance, technique; power, speed, injury prevention and rehabilitation. By Michael J. Stott … 8


  • Formula for Success: Michael Phelps’ recent world record in the 200 meter fly is a result of a developmental plan, set up by the the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, which was and implemented over the past five years. By Bob Bowman


  • Snorkel Training : Practicing drills by using a front-end snorkel can help enhance body balance and hip~hand timing. By Mike Bottom


  • Learn from the Olympians: My Favorite Backstroke and Breaststroke Drills: In the second of a two-part series, Hungary’s Attila Czene demonstrates backstroke and breaststroke drills that have helped make him one of the world’s most versatile swimmers. By Attila Czene