Swimming Technique April 2001



Table of Contents


  • Superior Technique : Australia once again dominated the men’s freestyle events at the most recent Olympiad. It is a direct result of its sound knowledge of mechanics and effective technique. By Marshall Adams …9


  • Learn from the Olympians: Misty’s Secret Weapon : Misty Hyman shares the keys to the effectiveness of her strength training and demonstrates some of the dryland exercises that helped her win Olympic gold By J.R. Rosania … 12


  • Learn from the Olympians: My Favorite Butterfly and Freestyle Drills: Hungary’s Attila Czene demonstrates butterfly and freestyle drills that have helped make him one of the world’s most versatile swimmers. By Atilla Czene with Norbert Agh … 17


  • TECH Tips: Kicking: Olympian Shaun Jordan, who won Olympic gold in 1988and 1992, presents several kicking drills that can help strengthen your leg muscles and increase ankle flexibility…. 24