Swimming Technique January 2001



Table of Contents


  • Learn from the Olympians: A Freestyle Catch-up Drill: Josh Davis, co-captain of the 1996 and 2000 U.S. men’s Olympic teams, demonstrates and talks about one of his favorite drills–the Catch-Up Drill with a Stick a drill he believes contributed to his success. By Josh Davis … 16


  • Learn from the Olympians: The Breaststroke Pull-out: Olympian and former world record holder Anita Nail demonstrates her breaststroke pull-out and shares some of the tips that made her technique so effective. By Anita Nail … 19


  • How You Can Build a Stronger Core Body: All of a swimmer’s external power is generated from the body’s core. If you take five to 10 minutes a day to do a series of core body exercises, the time spent will pay off. By Tim McClellan … 23


  • Swimming for Perfection: The key to swimming fast freestyle is to perfect your technique. The only way to do this is to work on each component of the stroke with drills that are specific to that component. By Rowdy Gaines … 24