Swimming Technique April 2000



Table of Contents


  • Training A Champion : Penny Heyns had one of the most remarkable swimming seasons ever last year, breaking world records in the 50, 100 and 200 meter breaststrokes on 11 different occasions! Her coach, Jan Bidrman, shares how he trained Penny from May 1998 through her memorable summer of 1999. By Jan Bidrman … 10


  • Swimmer’s Shoulder: Larry Weisenthal, who is also a physician, researcher, Masters swimmer and swim parent, argues that most swim coaches and orthopedic physicians do not really understand the swimmer’s shoulder. Here he discusses the origins of the ailment and suggests how it might be treated. By Larry M. Weisenthal, M.D., Ph.D. … 16


  •  Six Fundamentals for Fast Breaststroke : John Pontz has had success in coaching breaststroke, as evidenced by two of his prize pupils, Kristen Woodring and Kyle Salyards. Here, Coach Pontz discusses his philosophy of breaststroke training and how it developed over the years. By John Pontz … 28