Swimming Technique January 2000



Table of Contents


  • High Hopes: Altitude Training for Swimmers: Opinion on the benefits of high altitude training is extremely divided. Respected scientists, physiologists, coaches and swimmers respectfully~disrespectfully agree/ disagree on altitude training usefulness, physiological effects and individual response. Considerable research, countless papers and hundreds of thousands of observation hours by the brightest coaching minds in the world have come to different conclusions. By Michael Stott … 12


  • High Altitude Training Directory: There are numerous high altitude training facilities throughout the world. Swimming Technique showcases a sampling of some of the more popular locations in the United States as well as the most renowned international sites. … 18


  • Distance Greats of the Early ’70s: The Australians and Americans dominated distance swimming back in the early 1970s, thanks in large part to swimmers like Bobby Hackett, Tim Shaw, Stephen Holland, Brad Cooper and Rick DeMont. By Chuck Warner … 21