Swimming Technique April 1998



Table of Contents


  • Building Team Spirit : Building a sense of camaraderie, trust and support among the members of your team can be crucial to the team’s success. The men’s swimming team at Golden West Community College in Southern California help build their team camaraderie by attending a high-powered outdoor leadership and development clinic with a professional corporation called California Wilderness Training, Inc. By Bill Jewell … 14


  • Training With Short Monofins : The University of Minnesota has incorporated monofin training into its program for the past three years. This type of work promotes streamlining, “core-body” strength specific to swimming and the opportunity to swim at speeds that are very fast and fun! By Clark Campbell … 16


  • TECH Tips – Monofins: A Serious Training Tool : Over the last several years, the monofin has appeared with increasing regularity at swim practices throughout the world. It is now recognized as a serious training tool by a growing list of accomplished and innovative swim coaches. PabIo Morales, former world record holder and 1992 Olympic champion in the I00 meter butterfly, provides @s, general drills and suggested sets for training with the monofin as well as five steps to monofin technique. By Pablo Morales … 28