Swimming Technique July 1997



Table of Contents


  • Kristina Egerszegi: The Development of a World Champion Backstroker : Hungary’s Kristina Egersze~’s coach discusses her early days, the keys to Kristina’s development, her training program at different stages of her career as well as the three training macrocycles. By Laszlo Kiss, Head Coach, Spartacus of Budapest Swim Club Translated by Andras Gall … 11


  • Beth Botsford: The Making of a Teenage Olympic Backstroke Champion :At only 15 years of age, Beth Botsford captured Olympic gold. The stages of her development are explored as well as sample training sets and times along with a race analysis of her gold medal performance. By Murray Stephens, Head Coach North Baltimore Aquatic Club … 14


  • Brad Bridgewater: The Difference Is Attitude : USC’s Brad Bridgewater, the Olympic gold medalist in the 200 meter backstroke at Atlanta, is the perfect example that shows it takes more to be a champion than having the fastest time going into a race. By Mark E. Schubert, Head Men’s and Women’s Coach University of Southern California … 17


  • TECH Tips: Backstroke Underwater Streamline and Breakout World record holder Jeff Rouse demonstrates his underwater dolphin kick, transition kick, underwater pullout and shoulder breakout while swimming backstroke. By Brent Rutemiller … 22