Swimming Technique April 1997



Table of Contents


  • Building a Powerhouse Sprint Program : The primary areas of focus for the Auburn sprint program are:”Rest and Recovery,” “Power” and “Technique.” By David Marsh, Head Men’s and Women’s Coach Auburn University … 10


  • Going the Distance: Training Brooke Bennett : Brooke Bennett captured Olympic gold in the 800 meter freestyle. Her coach discusses her training program. By Peter Banks, Head Coach Brandon Blue Wave Swim Team … 14


  • Distance Per Stroke and Tempo: The Perfect Marriage :Practical applications are provided for using stroke rate and distance per stroke in evaluating workouts and performances. By Jonty Skinner, Head Coach United States National Resident Team … 17


  • Tempo Training for Freestyle : Stanford’s assistant women’s coach describes the training drills that are taught to create the ability to swim at maximum speed at any ~ven tempo. By Ross Gerry, Assistant Women’s Coach Stanford University … 20


  • Drills to Help You Perfect Your Freestyle : The key to swimming fast freestyle is perfecting one’s technique. Learn from one of the best freestylers ever– Rowdy Gaines, an Olympic triple gold medalist. By Rowdy Gaines, Assistant Aquatics Director and Volunteer Assistant Coach Auburn University … 27