Swimming Technique August 1995



Table of Contents


  • A Coach’s Philosophy Effective ways for a head coach to unite all the members of a club under one goal. By Brady Bingham … 9 


  • 46 Healthy Racing Attitudes By Dr. Brent S. Rushall … 10


  • Give the Gift of a Good Coach: Meet Swimmer’s Expectations – A good coach can fulfill a swimmer’s needs. By Dr. Alan Goldberg … 12


  • 100 Characteristics of a Champion By Dr. Brent S. Rushall … 14


  • Parents Hold the Keys – Coaches must also recognize the expectations of parents. By Laurel Hill … 16


  • The Life Skills of Swimming –  Teaching more than just the mechanics of the sport. By Russ Ewald … 18


  • Training for the Distance Events: A Swimming Program By Bill Sweetenham … 26