Pine Brothers Cough Drop Company Signs Ryan Lochte For Endorsement

Photo Courtesy: Kara Sekenski

After losing his four biggest endorsement deals on Monday Ryan Lochte has found a light at the end of the tunnel in Pine Brothers.

The cough drop company has announced the partnership in hopes that it will help the public forgive Lochte for his recent mistakes in Rio. The company notes that he will appear in print ads and commercials advertising that their “throat drops are ‘forgiving on your throat.'”

CEO of Pine Brothers, a privately held company, Rider McDowell, commented that “we all make mistakes, but they’re rarely given front-page scrutiny. He’s a great guy who has done incredible work with charities. I’m confident that Pine Bros. fans will support our decision to give Ryan a second chance.”

Lochte’s new endorsement will more than likely be added by a spot on the popular show “Dancing With The Stars.” The 12-time Olympic medalist is currently slated to appear on the 23rd season premiering September 12th.

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    Bill Bell

    Guess they want him to ” cough up” the truth about what really happened!

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    Susan Marsh

    Well done Pine Brothers. You are commended for your trust in Ryan. He has taken responsibility and knows the mature person he needs to be and your belief in him is heartwarming to those of us who believe he will come out of this a better person. The real facts are becoming known and are not as dire as first believed. Stay strong Ryan. All will be well.

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    J Yu

    Doesn’t this story just choke you up?

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    Peter Rudd

    I feel strongly that most everyone deserves a second chance. No one person is perfect.

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      Greg G.

      He had his first chance by knowing that he was suppose to conduct himself by basic standards of civility. His second chance was when he destroyed property. Hey, give him another chance or as many as he wants. Just another athlete above the law. He sure brought a lot of respect to the US!

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    L. Glafenhein

    Good job! The truth has come out and it does not look well for Brazil! Cough up your corruption and exaggerated trumped up stories, Brazil!

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    I will never buy any of the throat drops, and will tell all my ppl not to either. Your company can’t find anybody better than this lying, “ugly American”, with no integrity, getting his other teammates in trouble, then leaving them to hold the bag while he left the Country!! This was not a “mistake”, but a crime!! So let a lawbreaker and lier represent your company. That says a lot about your company!!!!!

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      Too bad it is spelled liar…..maybe you should check your spelling instead of dwelling on others mistakes.

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      Who are you people to judge him…you were not there. There is no video proof for half the allegations. He 2as sincere in his apology. You tell me that a little bit of boyish antics deserves the kind of press this has gotten. He did nothing to hurt anyone. He kept his mouth shut soley for his teammates. He was shaken down with a gun pointed at him. In any other part of the world this is criminal. The next day the bathroom was fine, there was no broken door. Get your facts straight. There is a lot of corruption in Brazil as well as many other countries in that region. Most Brazilians will confirm this. It isnt a safe country. I think people blew this out of proportion. If i were Nike or Arena and Nautica i would jump at the chance to sign him now that Speedo and Ralph Lauren have dropped him. He has dedicated his entire life to the sport. He is not a bad person. I would like to see the media and all of the critics open up their closets…I am quite sure everyone has done things they are not proud of. Its a sad day when people focus soley on the negative and cant find the good that surrounds us. I for one will remain a RYAN LOCHTE FAN AND SUPPORTER….I THINK HE IS THE REAL DEAL AND HE HAS SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE….COMPANIES THAT ALLOW HIM THAT OPPORTUNITY WILL NOT ONLY THRIVE BUT THEY WILL SHOW CONSUMERS THAT THEY ARE MORE THAN JUST A COMPANY….IT WILL SHOW YOU THEY HAVE HEART.

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        Susan Marsh

        Tks Mickey. I was beginning to think I was the only person to have Ryan’s back and I will admit I have not lived a perfect life and I am sure you would admit the same. Everybody else obviously believes they are perfect people and that’s their biggest lie. Time to leave it alone now all of you who want your pound of his flesh. Let Ryan learn and mature and heal from this. Ryan, there are flawed people who were disappointed in your behaviour, but accept your regrets and apology and want to see you recover and move on to preparing for 2020. Keep calm and carry on.

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    Ryan Lochte has had tons of problems through the years, including
    peeing in other places. He did this while in college along with
    other problems. Now at 32 things haven’t changed. Remember
    he said he took responsibility, but has never admitted he lied.
    The problem is he has NO integrity whatsoever. Trust me, there are so
    many people much more deserving. Lochte should return to
    Rio – make a public apology to the residents of Rio – pay a fine-
    and take his apology to all the other Olympians who represent
    the US. Lochte is nothing more than a thug!!!! Your product
    off my list.

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    Jonathan W Washburn

    I don’t make purchase decisions based on who the endorser is. However, I’ve never heard of this cough drop until now. Good marketing? But this continued interest in the details is nauseating. Someone said “there is no video of what he did”. Well, I don’t need a video to know what ‘drunk and disorderly” looks like. And I don’t think it constitutes ‘Brazilian corruption’ for security guards to confront common hooligans. I pretty much understand the gist of what happened, and if someone out there does not, they are not going to. What happened was a common mistake of youth; I and countless others have been there. What he said and did afterward is less defensible, and for me goes along with dyed hair and hundreds of “look at me” shoes. Fabulous swimmer; likable guy; questionable judgment.