Off Deck, Dec. 16, 2016: Yuri Suguiyama on Short Course World Championships

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Just days removed from returning to California after the Short Course World Championships in Windsor, Canada, Yuri Suguiyama called into Swimming World TV for a special Friday edition of Off Deck.

Suguiyama, in his fifth season as the associate head coach of the Cal men’s team, served as the head coach for the American men at worlds. In this episode, Suguiyama described how his role as a head coach on the U.S. staff was different than his previous stints as an assistant and explained how he evaluated his team’s overall performance.

Suguiyama also discussed a handful of the athletes he coached who were on the team: Tom Shields, who finished second in all three butterfly events in Windsor; Jacob Pebley, who won two silver medals; and Josh Prenot, apparently an aspiring butterflyer.

Watch the full episode below.

Arthur Albiero, the U.S. women’s head coach at Short Course Worlds, was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Off Deck. That show can be found here.


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    Bob Collins

    Yuri was not on US Olympic staff, yet was somehow on deck at Oympics w team US outfitted with the rest of USA staff. How was this possible?

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      Dr. Buky Chass

      Many countries arrange so coaches who are not officially staff members but have swimmers on the team will be able to enter the pool and be on deck. They do not stay with the Olympic Team in the Olympic Village but they are able to help their swimmers on deck.

  2. avatar
    Chad Cr

    Yuri was not listed as a special asst on USA Olympic Staff.

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      Chad Cr

      Wow. They introduce Yuri like he was on the team at various games (Oakland Baseball and half time at football). Yuri should know better and stop the facade.

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    Dr. Buky Chass

    Just above the picture in this piece it says “Josh Prenot apparently an aspiring butterflyer……..and I thought he is a top world Breaststroker……?