NY Governor Says SUNY Geneseo Team Cannot Use GoFundMe Donations to Stay in NC


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that the SUNY Geneseo swimming and diving team may not use donated funds to stay in hotels in Greensboro, NC for next week’s NCAA Division III Championships.

Last week alumni created a GoFundMe to support the Blue Wave’s travel, after the team was told it would need to stay in Virginia, over an hour from the Greensboro Aquatic Center, to comply with New York’s Executive Order 155. Executive Order 155 prohibits New York state funded travel to North Carolina in reaction to the state’s HB2 Bill (“Bathroom Bill”), passed in March 2016.

The GoFundMe effort raised nearly $7,000 in under a week, but now the alumni who created the fundraiser are offering refunds.

According to local news outlet WHEC, an Advisor to Cuomo said,

“The team is traveling to North Carolina and competing in the event, but not staying there.  The limited exception is that the team gets to travel there, but not stay in North Carolina and stay in a bordering state instead. The issue is not just tax dollars, but the travel itself. Under the executive order, if you are traveling under the banner of state travel in your state capacity you would ordinarily be banned from traveling there even if there is outside funding, but we are allowing the travel there in this instance to honor their commitment to the NCAA to participate in championships.”

Being allowed to even attend the meet is already being viewed as an exception, so the team is unable to stay in North Carolina with outside funds, nor fly into the state, even though that travel is paid for by the NCAA.

SUNY Geneseo qualified 10 athletes to NCAAs while the College at Brockport has two qualifiers and SUNY Cortland has one qualifier, also facing the same travel challenges.


  1. Brent Evans

    Northern supremacy much?
    Partisanship over harmony?

  2. Michele Roux Morgan

    I bet if it was a basketball or a football team things would be different!!!!

    • Sarah Banta Dzikowicz

      Michele Roux Morgan , According to an article SUNY Albany 🏀 team had to cancel their game against Duke in 2016 because of this Executive Order

      • avatar
        Bob McD

        They did and Marist [private school in Poughkeepsie NY took their place]. Ridiculous Order.

    • avatar
      Geneseo grad

      Hahaha!!!! I guess you didn’t go there. Geneseo has no football team. If it were hockey, now that would be different.

  3. avatar

    Thanks Cuomo you low-altitude Flyer! And to think all this fuss was started by people being confused with little boys and girls not knowing what bathroom they should use….

  4. avatar
    Coach Abby

    Try again – “hate that” for the LGBTQ+ person living in North Carolina under these draconian laws. NC shouldn’t be eligible to host anything. I know we won’t attend meets in the state until the law is overturned.

    • avatar

      You’re a moron!! This is about athletics not Politics!! Put your selfish personal feelings aside and let these kids fulfill THEIR dreams!!!

    • avatar

      Most of the law was repealed 🙄

    • avatar

      So dictator Cuomo has set his border guarders up who will check everybody’s papers. Russia, China, North Korea, the United States never thought it would happen here. So dictator Cuomo is more concerned about a bunch of queers that have no idea who they are, but they want to go onto the bathroom with your wife, daughter, grandaughter. This is what he supports over these kids. He needs to be removed from office. How is N.Y. going to survive 4 more years of this evil dictatorship?

    • avatar

      So dictator Cuomo has set his border guarders up who will check everybody’s papers. Russia, China, North Korea, the United States never thought it would happen here. So dictator Cuomo is more concerned about a bunch of queers that have no idea who they are, but they want to go onto the bathroom with your wife, daughter, granddaughter. This is what he supports over these kids. He needs to be removed from office. How is N.Y. going to survive 4 more years of this evil dictatorship?

  5. Therese McAdams

    What a jerk he is! These kids work their tails off on the pool! Give them a break

  6. Cheryl Kupan

    NY Gov is an ass. Give them the money Gov or let them use GoFundMe. Geez…Good luck SUNY!

  7. Richard P. Morrall

    This man is insane. What kind of dictatorship is the governor of New York?

  8. Rob Duguay

    While I disagree with the NC Legislature’s “unfortunate” law and the NCAA awarding a Championship to Greensboro. Cuomo is acting like Carter with the Moscow Games. The athletes had no say over where the Championships were being held. They should be able to stay close to have the best chance at racing at their best.

    Also Greensboro is a pretty liberal city as far as North Carolina goes.

    • Diana Rugg

      Rob Duguay So is Charlotte. They lost out on more than Greensboro. Thankfully, it’s been repealed after considerable negotiations by all parties

    • Rob Duguay

      Diana Rugg if the law has been repealed then that makes NY’s executive order even more asinine.

  9. Vicki Ringhoff

    Another reason to not send my daughter to a state school!

  10. And the 1000th way student athletes are exploited by their schools. Treating these athletes as if they are “employees” of the state. They damn well better be getting full tuition paid and benefits by their employer.

    • avatar

      It’s division III. These athletes receive no athletic scholarships.

  11. Donato Diorio

    This is stupid. In championship meets, Student athletes need their sleep. An hour travel each way puts them at a disadvantage.

  12. avatar

    Let’s ask a gay or lesbian SUNY GENESEO swimmer how they feel about swimming in a bigot state

    • avatar

      I’ll bet they don’t care, it’s idiots like you who do!!

  13. Rory Neal

    I understand the political statement , but as a fellow SUNYACC Swimmer I got to say the state is doing a great Injustice to a bunch of athletes who worked incredibly hard to have this opportunity. If anything the organizations should be going out of there way to help them succeed not making it more difficult.

    • Therese McAdams

      Rory Neal as the parent of a former SUNYACC swimmer/diver I totally agree with you! This only punishes the athletes

    • David Erickson

      Not to mention that swimmers are some of the best students in any school.

    • Randy Moldenhauer

      Rory Neal stop voting for Liberal Democrats

  14. Ian Carter Jr.

    The governor is a dickhead anyways. Fuck him.

  15. Lisa Ward

    What a disgrace for NY. I hate that for the athletes.

  16. avatar

    The students should just go. This is just plain spiteful by the biggest bully (and bigot) in NY – just because he wants perverts in the girls rooms. It’s a disgrace that NYers voted for this sorry excuse for a male.

  17. Scott Buettner

    Don’t blame Cuomo; blame our asshole, bigoted, backward-minded elected officials in NC.

  18. Tanya Essary

    WHO CARES WHO PAYS – LET THOSE KIDS SWIM! Please can someone help them? They’ve worked so hard & why can Cuomo say no b/c they are staying in North Carolina? If the NCAA is not batting an eye Cuomo needs to shut up and let those girls swim! #swimmom #madashell #ellentv #ellen

  19. avatar
    Stuart Hanzman

    Gov: You were successful in sending NC an important and timely message but let go already. You are unfairly punishing the SUC Geneseo athletes for something they did not do. Private funds is a good and fair compromise. Let them stay nearby the event.
    Stuart Hanzman
    SUC Geneseo

  20. Natalie Gundrum

    Disgraceful!!! In all my years of competing and coaching I never heard of such a thing . Even as coach we fundraised for out of state competitions or championships. And from all sorts of sources. Really really sad world we live in. Smh!

  21. Ess Arr

    This is in relationship to NC’s transgender bathroom law, right? States have banned together to try to send a message to NC- and pressure them to change the law by hitting their wallets-
    They shouldn’t be allowing the championships to be held in NC in the first place-many other sports like basketball- aren’t allowing NC to have championships held there- I get why the states are doing what they are doing, unfortunately, it is going to effect specific groups like these students. It’s unfortunate that they are allowing the championships to be held in NC in the first place 😢

    • Diana Rugg

      Ess Arr Ummm… NC repealed that law LAST YEAR. That’s why the All-Star game and ACC’s are being held in Charlotte this year. Either way, the athletes don’t deserve this treatment when decisions have already been made to forgive NC and hold events there.

    • Beth Odum McGee

      Ess Arr If that is true, these athletes didn’t have anything to do with a “bathroom law”. They worked so hard to reach this achievement. It’s not fair to take it away from them for a “political message!” Uggh

    • Ess Arr

      Diana Rugg I thought so too-I’m just trying to figure out the basis for what is going on and why-then I don’t get New York’s stance- I’m just trying to understand-

    • Ess Arr

      Beth Odum McGee I get that- it’s unfortunate and doesn’t make sense if, in fact NC, has repealed their weird bathroom law-

    • Diana Rugg

      Ess Arr Me neither. That’s what’s so mind boggling. Seems like political
      pandering based on outdated information.

  22. Ed McKinnon

    To all you morons on your high horses, boycott an entire state so one can use the opposite bathroom? Maybe states should band together and protest something actually heinous and evil, like, say murdering babies moments before they’re born (and celebrating it).

  23. Greg Pinchbeck

    Another genius move by Cuomo. Amazon II. How can the State control private funds?.

  24. Christina Turmel

    If it’s not his $$ then he should not be able have a say.

  25. avatar
    Susan M

    Prince Andrew should hope that 40 plus states do not do a turnabout fair play move by banning travel to a state that celebrates the murder of unwanted newborns.

  26. Matt Hanna

    Politics at its worst.

  27. Pamela Goldsbro

    Good luck girls . I hope it all works out. Your Governor sounds like a dick.

  28. Lelah Olender

    No wonder so many New Yorkers are moving down here to NC.

  29. Sara Naeem

    Sydney Ng 😤😱

    • Sydney Ng

      Sara Naeem omg

  30. Chris Fickling

    Syracuse will be in Charlotte for the ACC tournament this week…………….

    • Rocky Bowers Parra

      While I totally disagree with the Governor, the reason Syracuse is not impacted is because it is a private school.

    • Diana Rugg

      Rocky Bowers Parra And the swimmers were not using public money. What’s the difference?

    • Sarah Banta Dzikowicz

      Tusia Komarnycky , it’s is the article and Executive Order

    • Tusia Komarnycky

      Sarah Banta Dzikowicz lol I didn’t want to have to read the whole thing

  31. Jessie Simpauco

    I honestly don’t get it. It was private money they should be able to do whatever they want with it.

  32. Sue Marchetti

    These kids need to focus on swimming , not $$ , travel ect… it should be the least of their worry. Good luck to the swimmers hope you set records this week!!💚😍❣️❣️

  33. avatar
    Jeff C

    Hmm wait till UB basketball team get selected to NCAA March Madness next week. They might end up in North Carolina area for the first couple of rounds! Wonder how that will work for UB team which is a SUNY college team in Division 1 basketball.

  34. Monica Poitras

    It’s privately donated money. He doesn’t have any control on how it gets spent.

  35. Scott Krevat

    non of his business

  36. Bob Lange

    If an athlete qualifies for the nationals, does the school not pay for travel, hotel and meals ?

  37. Joan Sullivan

    Maybe other states will decide to boycott NY because of the new abortion law allowing abortion up to and including the moment of birth.

  38. avatar
    Janice Stewart

    Title IX! Bring it on!

  39. Barbara Lynch Noach

    So he is infringing on their rights to make a statement about someone else’s rights being infringed? His message will get lost in this one, I’m afraid…

  40. Charlie Smoot

    I want to live in New York, NOT 🤣

  41. avatar
    Michael Randazzo

    Love the passion here about this issue; it’s interesting b/c at the time of the ban, there were so many folks who SUPPORTED Gov. Cuomo’s position (and many others) to boycott sporting events in NC.

    BUT, there’s no doubt this is a political stunt by a politician who’s struggling to reassert his dominance over NYS politics. As Cuomo himself would probably say, it makes NO SENSE to penalize these athletes—especially if they’ve raised their own funds to stay in / near Greensboro.

    So, what’s the problem, Governor?! The law has been repealed in NC; what’s taking NY so long to catch up?!

  42. avatar

    Look Dictator Cuomo – Let North Carolina run their state they way they see fit and you take care of N.Y. – although we all know you will just continue to destroy the state – so I wish other states would stick their nose in our business -we would be better off. Between you and your brother Chris ‘FREDO’ Cuomo – your father would be ashamed of both of you for your words, your actions, your deeds, your corruptness!
    Shame on you for robbing kids of their dreams!