No State Championships for New Jersey High School Swimming

Photo Courtesy: Kalina DiMarco

No State Championships for New Jersey High School Swimming

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) updated its return to play policy for the upcoming school year on August 20. Outdoor fall sports (football, cross country, field hockey, girls tennis, soccer) will be able to start practice on September 14 and begin competition on October 1, while girls tennis will be able to start September 28.

The indoor fall sports – gymnastics and girls volleyball – will be moved to a new, special season that will begin with practices on February 16 and competition on March 3, according to the NJSIAA Twitter account that laid out the new plans for the season.

Winter sports teams, which include swimming & diving, may begin practicing on December 3 and competition will start December 21.

All start dates have been approved but will be subject to change based on guidance from the Governor and Department of Health.

Postseason play will be strictly local with no statewide championships. Out of state competitions will be prohibited as the upcoming school year will be about promoting participation and not competition.

NJSIAA COO Colleen Maguire:

“We’re extremely appreciative of the support and guidance from Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Paul Sarlo and Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly.

“Our kids need structured activity, and we believe that education-based high school sports is the best way to provide it. Giving teenagers extra motivation to stay COVID-free promotes healthy outcomes for everyone.”


  1. John Doyle

    Sad to hear but not unexpected

  2. Ryan Connell

    By winter championship time we’ll be knocking on the door of 365 days to flatten the curve…

  3. Linda Shuck

    Pennsylvania (PIAA) decides tomorrow if they are going ahead with fall sports..Hope all athletes get to do what they love!

    • Heather Underwood

      new york (the governor because nysphaa already said September 21) will have an answer next week…but they have a contingency plan to move fall sports to january which will never work as we have snow in january ?‍♀️

    • Linda Shuck

      Heather Underwood Vote was 25-5 to go ahead

    • Heather Underwood

      Awesome! They are saying guidance is coming next week for New York so hopefully that means we get the go ahead…we dont do anything though till governor says yes or no…hes kinda on a powertrip

  4. Linda Shuck