Deep Dive Dubai Opens World’s First Underwater City

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Deep Dive Dubai Opens World’s First Underwater City

Plunging down into the deep, murky waters of a sunken city, divers find themselves transported to an alternate universe cursed by some mysterious apocalypse. The massive roots of an overgrown tree follow divers through this descending vessel, obscuring their surroundings of the graffiti spraypainted over the city’s crumbling brick walls.

While the city initially feels like some forsaken land due to the aging architecture and moody lighting, small details resembling our present-day world begin to pop out and liven up this aquatic kingdom. Discovering celebrity posters and even a pool table, divers steadily locate more and more quirks within this surreal metropolis, discouraging them from wanting to return to the water’s surface. Although this may just sound like some bizarre, fictional realm, this underwater city is an actual place officially opened for public exploration, and it is called Deep Dive Dubai. 

Deep water diving pools are taking the world by storm and through the creative minds behind these projects, Deep Dive Dubai was able to open on July 7 in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, breaking the record for the world’s deepest pool as well as launching the next chapter of artistic advancements within diving pools. 

“Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill-seekers to dive inward and discover a new underwater dimension filled with adventure and wonder,” stated Deep Dive Dubai spokesperson Abdulla Bin Habtoor.

Deep Dive Dubai

Photo Courtesy: Deep Dive Dubai

Filled with 14 million liters of fresh water, which is equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools, Deep Dive Dubai allows divers to venture down 60 meters underwater. While this diving pool is four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world, Deep Dive Dubai is not an exclusive place for only the best of the best divers. Rather, this facility offers classes for all levels of divers in scuba diving, freediving and snorkeling. No matter what level or style of diving class you take, every guest is provided with all the equipment necessary to take on this bucket list experience. 

Alongside the record-breaking and accommodating features of Deep Dive Dubai, this attraction also presents the most interactive indoor diving experience in the world. Not only can divers explore an abandoned city, but they are also encountered by dozens of “land” activities to partake in underwater. Whether you are in the mood to ride a stationary bike or play a game of foosball, this pool offers all sorts of exciting activities that divers are unable to experience underwater anywhere else. 

Now, all this action can be quite exhausting, but the facility makes sure to include several areas throughout the pool to step back, catch your breath and take in the beauty of the aquatic atmosphere surrounding you. Providing tables and chairs for lounging, an old-fashioned TV to watch and even a convertible car to relax in, Deep Dive Dubai composes the perfect environment for divers to rest and still be entertained. 

While the unique details scattered throughout Deep Dive Dubai are definitely its main selling points, diving pools around the world are exponentially growing in popularity due to the great convenience and safety features they present. Traditional ocean diving comes with many challenges as proper weather conditions and water temperatures are necessary in order to be able to dive safely. Having to deal with these requirements and rely on the unpredictability of Mother Nature can be frustrating, and indoor diving proves to be significantly easier to perform than diving in the ocean. 

As indoor diving can take place no matter the weather, it also implements a variety of safety measures that are unable to exist within the ocean. Being the world’s deepest pool comes along with a lot of responsibility, and that is why Deep Dive Dubai provides extensive safety features that ensure the well-being of all of its divers. With 56 cameras installed monitoring the entire pool, state of the art water filtration and a hyperbolic unit staffed with experts to care for a diver in the rare case of an accident, Deep Dive Dubai goes above and beyond in securing a safe diving experience. Although not all diving pools take such extreme precautions, it is safe to say that they all offer greater protection than ocean diving does, making them so remarkably appealing. 

The opening of DDD is just the beginning of a new era of not only indoor diving, but purely diving in general. Years ago, people would never have believed that a pool could be built so deep, let alone feature an underwater city, but now Deep Dive Dubai has proven that anything is possible within the worlds of diving, architecture and engineering. Not only can divers now safely explore depths greater than ever before, but they can also experience a new sense of adventure unlike any other.