NCAA Announces Sites for Future Swimming Championships

Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center-24255681155
Photo Courtesy: Andy Ringgold/Aringo

The NCAA has announced future host sites for all of its championships from 2019 until 2022. According to this new schedule, the Division I NCAA swimming championships will be returning to some familiar locales over the next few years.

Future DI hosts include the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center in Austin, Texas; Ramsey Student Center in Athens, Ga.; the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis; Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, N.C.; Campus Recreation and Wellness Center in Iowa City, Iowa; and McAuley Aquatic Center in Atlanta.

The NCAA only recently agreed to resume awarding the state of North Carolina hosting duties after the repeal of controversial bill HB2. Hence, the women’s championships will return to Greensboro in 2021, six years after the facility first hosted the meet in 2015.

Previously, the 2018 NCAA DI hosts had been announced to be McCorkle Aquatic Center in Columbus, Ohio, for the women, and University Aquatic Center in Minneapolis, Minn., for the men.

Full list of DI NCAA swimming championships locations and dates, 2018-2022:


  • 2018: Columbus, Ohio; March 14-17
  • 2019: Austin, Texas; March 20-23
  • 2020: Athens, Ga; March 18-21
  • 2021: Greensboro, N.C.; March 17-20
  • 2022: Atlanta; March 16-19


  • 2018: Minneapolis, Minn; March 21-24
  • 2019: Austin, Texas; March 27-30
  • 2020: Indianapolis; March 25-28
  • 2021: Iowa City, Iowa; March 24-27
  • 2022: Atlanta; March 23-26

Also announced were future host sites for the Division II and Division III championships through 2020. The full list of these combined women’s and men’s meets for the next five years is listed below.

DII championships locations and dates:

  • 2018: Greensboro, N.C.; March 14-17
  • 2019: Indianapolis; March 13-16
  • 2020: Geneva, Ohio; March 11-14

DIII championships locations and dates:

  • 2018: Indianapolis; March 21-24
  • 2019: Greensboro, N.C.; March 20-23
  • 2020: Greensboro, N.C.; March 18-21

Read the full lists of NCAA hosts in all sports here: Division I; Division II; Division III.


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    When do they come to the west coast?

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    I think the NCAA’s should always be in a temperate latitude. MN & IA? If I remember right -17 last time in IA

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      David Rieder

      Not that cold, but it was cold. I found out I was going last-minute and had to have someone ship me my heavy winter coat (late March, remember?). Good thing I did!

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    Wish we had a facility that could complete for this event. ?

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