Name That Teammate: Swimmer’s Edition

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Name That Teammate: Swimmer’s Edition

By Gigi Picard Swimming World College Intern

What makes a swim team click, really? Well, it helps to begin with a roster of super-fast athletes to fill out all the events, coaches who know how to teach and motivate, and trainers who bring their magic to keep everyone healthy. But there’s something else. It’s that unique blend of rituals, superstitions, and practiced behavior that give a team its defining personality and provide the chemistry to make it all work and to make it all fun.

Think about your swim teammates, friends or even swimming family. What contributions do they make to your team? Are they the goofy ones? Do they keep the team on track? In my opinion, it’s a mix of funny and serious that makes me happy to be on my college team.  

In fact, my team has a tradition of handing out crazy superlatives for each teammate to highlight their contributions. Some of these include the easiest to roast (me), the pool clown, has the best energy every single day and so much more. Now, I’m inviting you to join the fun. 

I ask you, on your team, who’s most likely to…?

1. Never wash their swim parka until the end of season?

2. Wear their Crocs with socks no matter how wet the pool deck is?

3. Blast their music thinking no one can hear them?

4. Make the team playlist and get very excited about the annual holiday playlist?

5. Buy suits for every holiday?

6. Wear their holiday suits all year round?

7. Insist on being the hype-ster of the team?

8. Be the carefree prankster who sprays stick ‘em on the starting blocks?

9. Be the daredevil of the team?

10. Have fatheads made of themselves perched in the stands? 

11. Bring the rubber duck they won at 10 years old to meets as a good luck charm?

12. Cheer teammates up when they feel down?

13. Spoil teammates with gifts for any occasion?

14. Make friends with the rivals?

15. Touch people’s feet during practices and/or meets?

16. Run into the lane lines during practices?

17. Be the last one in the pool?

18. Be the first one in the pool?

19. Repeatedly tries to dodge the pool hose?

20. Cheat on their diet at any point during season?

21. Break their diet as soon as the season ends?

22. Skip breakfast for meets or practices?

23. Do their homework during meets?

24. Understand land sports and educate their fellow teammates about them?

25. Be the next Olympian?

26. Rule the pool for the rest of their life?

27. Be the person who has to win even in practice?

28. Be the overachiever in the weight room?

29. Have the most energy during morning practices?

30. Consistently borrow a teammate’s cap, goggles, etc?

31. Always have the extra cap, goggles, etc?

32. Break the equipment? RIP to snorkels, lane lines and kickboards.

33. Dive in first when told they need to slide in feet first?

34. Vlog or make TikToks about their swimming life?

35. Drop their phone or any technology in the pool?

36. Get the best tan lines from an outdoor practice?

37. Get the worst tan lines or burns from an outdoor practice? 

38. Forget the warm up, main set, etc even after the coach said it 3x?

39. Remember the warm up, main set, etc by heart?

40. Sends the ultimate swim memes in the group chat?

41. Start a foam roller fight right before practice?

42. Slip and slide all over the pool deck?

43. Roll out of bed five minutes before practice?

44. Do a 100 or use a hot tub as their cool down?

45. Be that one missing teammate for the relay?

46. Read all of these and know they are that person for at least five?

So were you able to decide on who’s most likely to? 

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