Malaysia’s Pandelela Pamg Wins Platform at Final Stop of FINA Diving Grand Prix

Photo Courtesy: FINA

Olympian Pandelela Rinong Pamg of Malaysia grabbed gold in the women’s 10m platform (with 319.40 points) this weekend in Gold Coast (AUS), as the 2017 edition of the FINA Diving Grand Prix came to an end, after an eight-leg circuit which stretched from February to November 2017.

The Malaysian diver was the only non-Chinese athlete to clinch gold in an individual event in Gold Coast.

China once more proved its superiority in the sport by claiming gold in the men’s 3m with Xie Siyi (445.15) and Yang Jian in the men’s 10m (466.20). Cao Yuan/Xie Siyi (CHN) were also the best in the men’s 3m synchro event, collecting 420.84 points.

Aleksandr Belevtsev/Nikita Shleikher of Russia accumulated 390.84 points in the men’s 10m synchronised event which led them to the victory, in front of Great Britain’s duet Lucas Thomson/James Heatly (341.70) and Nazirul Jaya Surya/Jellson Jabillin (MAS, 334.62).

Chen Yiwen of China was the best in the women’s 3m (297.75), defeating USA’s Maria Coburn (280.80) and teammate Huang Xiaohui (278.50).

As for the women’s synchronized events, the North-American pair formed of Krysta Palmer/Maria Coburn took the 3m gold with 261.00 points and Australia’s Melissa Wu/Taneka Kovchenko topped the 10m equivalent with 300.24.

Germany’s Martin Wolfram/Tina Punzel (276.78, 3m) and Gemma McArthur/Lucas Thomson (GBR, 269.46, 10m) respectively took gold in the mixed events.

Medalists in Gold Coast (all detailed results)

3m – 1. Xie Siyi (CHN) 445.15; 2. Cao Yuan (CHN) 427.60; Patrick Hausding (GER) 403.85
10m – 1. Yang Jian (CHN) 466.20; 2. Domonic Bedggood (AUS) 448.90; 3. Nikita Shleikher (RUS) 444.55
3m synchro – 1. Cao Yuan /Xie Siyi (CHN) 420.84; 2. Yiwei Chew/Tze Liang Ooi (MAS) 387.00; 3. Sho Sakai/Ken Terauchi (JPN) 383.01
10m synchro – 1. Aleksandr Belevtsev/Nikita Shleikher (RUS) 390.84; 2. Lucas Thomson/James Heatly (GBR) 341.70; Nazirul Jaya Surya/Jellson Jabillin (MAS) 334.62


3m – 1. Chen Yiwen (CHN) 297.75; 2. Maria Coburn (USA) 280.80; 3. Huang Xiaohui (CHN) 278.50
10m – 1. Pandelela Pamg (MAS) 319.40; 2. Celina Toth (CAN) 310.20; Anna Tose Keating (AUS) 285.65
3m synchro – 1. Krysta Palmer/Maria Coburn (USA) 261.00; 2. Tina Punzel/Lena Hentschel (GER)  242.70; 3. Hazuki Miyamoto/Sayaka Mikami (JPN) 235.80
10m synchro – 1. Melissa Wu/Taneka Kovchenko (AUS) 300.24; 2. Leong Mun Yee/Pandelela Pamg (MAS) 287.10

3m – 1. Martin Wolfram/Tina Punzel (GER) 276.78; 2. Nadezhda Bazhina/Nikita Shleikher (RUS) 271.20; 3. Gabriel Gilbert Daim/Nur Dhabitah Binti Sabri (MAS) 265.71
10m – 1. Gemma McArthur/Lucas Thomson (GBR) 269.46; 2. Jun Hoong Cheong/Jellson  Jabillin (MAS) 262.71

Press release courtesy of FINA.

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