LEN Releases Statement on Timing System Malfunction at Euro Championships; Peaty’s World Record Affected

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Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

The LEN has released a statement notifying the swimming community that a problem existed with the timing system during the day two afternoon session of the 2018 European Aquatic Championships.

This problem with the timing caused all reported times to be recorded as .10 seconds faster than they actually occurred.

Notably, the swim this most affects is the men’s 100 breaststroke, where Great Britain’s Adam Peaty lowered the World Record to a then sizzling 57.00. With the news from the LEN, however, that record will be shifted to a 57.10, which still lowers the previous record of 57.13 from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The LEN officials have made themselves available “to answer questions from 19.15 hrs today (after the conclusion of today’s session) in the Jury Room at the Tollcross Swimming Centre.”

Read the full statement from LEN

During the afternoon competition session on Saturday 4 August 2018 the LEN Technical Swimming Committee became aware of a potential problem in relation to the race timing equipment for the first nine races of that session.

Upon thorough investigation it became apparent that the starting mechanism had been incorrectly configured prior to the start of the session which resulted in all reported times being 0.10s faster due to a configuration delay of 0.10s.

The LEN TSC working with the timing system operators carried out extensive tests to confirm this system configuration error and have, with the benefit of the necessary technical analysis, revised all recorded times for the first nine races during that session.

The LEN TSC confirms that all times recorded during the first three competition sessions and after the first nine races of that session (subsequently) are accurate.

LEN Technical Swimming Committee
5 August 2018

Sessions not affected

  • 3 August morning
  • 3 August evening
  • 4 August morning

Races not affected on 4 August, evening

  • Men’s 50m backstroke
  • Women’s 50m freestyle
  • Mixed 4x200m freestyle relay

Races affected

  • Women’s 800m freestyle
  • Men’s 100m breaststroke
  • Women’s 100m butterfly
  • Men’s 100m freestyle semi-finals
  • Women’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals
  • Men’s 200m butterfly semi-finals

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    • Betsy Perry

      Would have been so much worse if the original time was 56. 😂

    • Shaheen Alghofari

      Betsy Perry deffo not an issue really as long as it’s world record

    • Betsy Perry

      So bizarre for this to have happened though

    • Shaheen Alghofari

      Betsy Perry unprofessional just time it ffs

  1. Nico Néant

    Eliott Balland ta prépa au pap avec Alex 😂

  2. Scott R Moore

    It is 2018. Embarrassing.

    • Scott R Moore

      Carole Machol-Atler Not the point. The technology is there. To miss this for that many races is more than a mistake

  3. Kyle Cowan

    What did the hand time say 😉

  4. Pratik Roy

    Still he got the lowest timing… Lol… What a automatic timming system can do when you are faster than fastest. Nice Mr. Petty