(Race Video) Laszlo Cseh Surges to 7th Best 200 Fly Ever at Euros

FINA World Championships Laszlo Cseh
Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

Hungary’s Laszlo Cseh crushed his own meet record in the men’s 200-meter fly with the seventh-fastest time ever at the 2016 European Championships.

Cseh powered his way to a 1:52.91, smashing his meet mark of 1:54.29 set earlier in the meet. That swim also demolished the previous world best of 1:54.14 set by Daiya Seto at Japanese Nationals.

The time is also the seventh best ever: Michael Phelps (1:51.51), Phelps (1:52.03), Phelps (1:52.09), Phelps (1:52.20), Cseh (1:52.70), Phelps (1:52.76).   It just missed Cseh’s European record of 1:52.70.

Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

Denmark’s Viktor Bromer chased down a distant second in 1:55.35, off his season best of 1:55.28.  Hungary’s Tamas Kenderesi checked in third with a time of 1:55.39, off his fourth-ranked season best of 1:54.79.

Poland’s Jan Switkowski (1:56.22), Spain’s Carlos Peralta Gallego (1:56.42), Belgium’s Louis Croenen (1:56.65), Italy’s Giacomo Carini (1:56.81) and Greece’s Stefanos Dimitriadis (1:57.02) finished fourth through eighth.


Photo Courtesy: LEN


  1. Rafael Brandão

    Alexandre Ferraz Luz, nunca é tarde para achar suas provas. Rs

    • Alexandre Ferraz Luz

      Isso porque o borbo dele é muito feio.. mas o bixo é resistente.. esse cara deve treinar demais da conta Rafa

  2. avatar
    Bill Bell

    And since he’s probably 30 by now his time is likely a “30-34 NAG/ world- record” although if the GIAT was faster @’San Antinio last summer ( abd I believe he was) then he is tie “wr- holder.”
    But it’s all academic anyway as Phelos’ll go 1:50-plus @ Omaha and 1:48@ Rio!

    Chad who?

    Cseh’s Euro record of 1:52.7 was done @ Beijing in a ” shiny shut” ( as was Phelps’ 1:51.5 wr @ Rome a year later) so for the Hungarian to go 1:52.9 eight years later in more conventional is most impressive.
    Thought Bromer would defend his title from Berlin but guess he — like a certain Brit — is saving it for Rio.

  3. avatar
    Bea Ny

    Well done Laci! We are proud of you!
    Amazing performance!
    Commitment, hard work and the power of seeds!!!
    A magok ereje a bajnokok választása! Gratulálunk!

  4. avatar

    Not to shabby but Cseh has got a zero chance of beating Phelps in Rio in this one. Phelps did that time (1:52.94) last Summer and will certainly go well under that this Summer. Plus, Phelps didn’t like how he blew the finish in London to give Le Clos the win. Phelps is going to be swimming angry in this one…think his WR in 100fly coming after Cavic broke it in the prelims.