Kristof Milak Rattles Phelps’ World Record in 200 Fly, Wins in 1:52.79

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Hungary’s Kristof Milak swam under world-record pace for the first 100 meters of the 200 fly final, and he was just a tenth off the pace with 50 meters to go. The teenager became the first man in years to give a real challenge to the world record, the 1:51.51 set by Michael Phelps nine years ago in Rome.

Milak ended up fading badly on the final 50 meters and touching in 1:52.79, off not only Phelps’ world record but also countryman Laszlo Cseh’s European record (1:52.70 from 2008) and Milak’s own world junior record (1:52.71 from last year). Milak did beat Cseh’s meet record of 1:52.91 from 2016.

Another Hungarian, Tamas Kenderesi, took silver in 1:54.36. Kenderesi struggled in 2017 after winning Olympic bronze in 2016, but he bounced back nicely for a medal in Glasgow. Italy’s Federico Burdisso claimed bronze in 1:55.97.

Denmark’s Viktor Bromer and Belgium’s Louis Croenen tied for fourth in 1:56.33, followed by Poland’s Jan Switkowski (1:56.53), Azerbaijan’s Maksym Shemberev (1:56.73) and Bulgaria’s Antani Ivanov (1:57.88).



  1. John Sproul

    Well, not really. He was more than a second off, and it wasn’t even his best time.

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      David Rieder

      Milak was under world-record pace at the 100, and he was eight-hundredths off at the 150 before he faded badly down the stretch. Yes, he rattled the world record.

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        he rattled the 150 meter world record then. not the 200