Jordan Windle Wins 3rd Title at USA Diving Juniors

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, August 7. Jordan Windle (Morrisville, N.C.)  of Duke Diving won his third gold medal in three events, and Noah Duperre (New Albany, Ohio) of the Ohio State Diving Club picked up his second gold Thursday at the USA Diving Junior National Championships. Other winners were Sarah Bacon (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Brooke Schultz (Cicero, Ind.) of Indiana Diving, Andrew Capobianco (Holly Springs, N.C.) of Duke Diving, and Kianna Yancey (Lansdale, Pa.) of TNT Diving.

Windle dominated the boys’ 16-18 3-meter contest, finishing with 675.30 points to win his third gold of the championships after also winning both synchronized diving events earlier in the week. Henry Fusaro(Scottsdale, Ariz.) of Clavadistas del Sol scored 609.30 points to edge Cameron Thatcher (Powell, Ohio) of the Ohio State Diving Club by 0.25 points for silver. Thatcher paired with Windle for the 3-meter synchro title on Tuesday.

The top three in the boys’ 12-13 3-meter contest was identical to that in Wednesday’s 1-meter event. Duperre scored 408.30 points for the gold, while Maxwell Flory (Fairfax, Va.) of the Dominion Dive Club was second with 375.55 points and Jordan Rzepka (Solon, Ohio) of Cleveland Area Diving was third with 356.30 points.

Indiana Diving teammates Bacon and Schultz won both girls’ 1-meter events contested Thursday. Bacon scored 507.20 points to win the 16-18 title, while Schultz won the 14-15 title with 378.90 points. Rounding out the top three in the 16-18 contest were Olivia Rosendahl (Los Angeles, Calif.) of the Trojan Dive with 462.75 points and Estee Pryor (New Albany, Ohio) of the Ohio State Diving Club with 447.10 points. In the 14-15 contest, Team A&M’s Alison Gibson (Austin, Texas) won silver at 352.55 followed by Ohio State’s Nikki Watters (New  Albany, Ohio) with 346.45 points.

Capobianco scored 451.20 in the 14-15 boys’ platform contest to win his first junior national title, while Mission Viejo teammates Colten Young (Trabuco Canyon, Calif.) and Luke McDivitt (Lake Forest, Calif.) took second and third with 444.00 and 408.40 points.

Yancey scored 280.70 points in the girls’ 12-13 platform contest to win her first junior national title after finishing third on 3-meter on Wednesday. GC Diving’s Bridget O’Neil (Southlake, Texas) was the silver medalist at 277.00, while 3-meter champion Tarrin Gilliland (Liberty Hill, Texas) was third at 269.05.

The USA Diving Junior National Championships run through August 9. In all, 28 junior national titles will be awarded throughout the championships. In addition, the 2014 FINA World Junior Championships team will be selected off results from the meet.

2014 USA Diving Junior National Championships – August 7, 2014

12-13 girls’ platform
1. Kianna Yancey, TNT Diving, 280.70;2. Bridget O’neil, GC Diving, 277.00;3. Tarrin Gilliland, Longhorn Aquatics, 269.05;4. Sophia Mcafee, Trojan Dive Club, 264.60;5. Kayla Haigh, Mission Viejo, 245.05;6. Sidney O’Donnell, American Flyers Diving, 244.70;7. Julia Fidanza, Unattached, 235.55;8. Alexandra Rosewicz, YCF Diving Team, 229.80;9. Katelynn Shaheen, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 223.35;10. Kayla Yancey, TNT Diving, 223.30;11. Maysi Richards, GC Diving, 210.75;12. Kristina Zick, The Indiana International School of Diving, 202.70;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Meghan Wenzel, Centennial Diving, 211.80;14. Madison Huitt, Pitt Aquatic Club, 211.35;15. Kayla Wilson, GC Diving, 209.40;16. Markie Hopkins, SoCal Divers, 205.05;17. Allison Ward, GC Diving, 204.45;18. Jessie Creed, Chicago Diving Club, 201.80;19. Sarah Ballard, The Indiana International School of Diving, 201.75;20. Jordyn Feiwell, Boiler Diving Academy, 196.95;21. Savannah Stocker, Mission Viejo, 191.20;22. Kinzie Etzelmiller, GC Diving, 189.80;23. Zain Smith, Legacy Diving, 185.95;24. Jordan Skilken, Ohio State Diving Club, 185.15;25. Lucy Hogan, Chicago Diving Club, 180.55;26. Lauren Willian, Chicago Diving Club, 150.85;27. Caitlyn Curtis, Chicago Diving Club, 149.00;28. Anya Jackson, Mile High Dive Club, 145.20

16-18 girls’ 1-meter

1. Sarah Bacon, Indiana Diving, 507.20;2. Olivia Rosendahl, Trojan Dive Club, 462.75;3. Eszter Pryor, Ohio State Diving Club, 447.10;4. Morgan Meixner, The Indiana International School of Diving, 433.65;5. Ashlynn Peters, Woodlands Diving Academy, 433.50;6. Haley Farnsworth, Mission Viejo, 431.10;7. Elisabeth Dawson, North Carolina Diving, 428.90;8. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Marlins Diving Club, 425.90;9. Camryn Hidalgo, Mission Viejo, 421.05;10. Taylor Pamplin, Mission Viejo, 413.30;11. Mackenzie Willborn, GC Diving, 411.40;12. Alexa Beckwith, Mile High Dive Club, 371.55;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Carolyn Howard, TNT Diving, 397.35;14. Alison Maillard, Cougar Diving Club, 392.10;15. Sine Scribbick, San Antonio Divers, 390.10;16. Maria Lohman, Pitt Aquatic Club, 389.30;17. Mckensi Austin, Mile High Dive Club, 388.40;18. Mariam Khamis, The Indiana International School of Diving, 387.95;19. Briana Thai, SoCal Divers, 387.65;20. Lauren Crown, GC Diving, 384.05;21. Ciara Monahan, UCLA Diving, 383.50;22. M  adison Witt, Mission Viejo, 381.25;23. Kylie Towbin, Whirlwind Diving, 379.30;24. Sofia Rauzi, Longhorn Aquatics, 376.70;25. Rachel Rubadue, Ohio State Diving Club, 376.40;26. Kristen Hayden, Duke Diving, 372.15;27. Cassidy Gebhart, Woodlands Diving Academy, 367.85;28. Meme Sharp, The Indiana International School of Diving, 367.55;29. Meghan Obrien, Infinite Diving, 359.00;30. Rachel Burston, Whirlwind Diving, 356.90;31. Kali Becker, Montgomery Dive Club, 355.15;32. Sara Maleski, Carolina Diving Academy, 355.10;33. Emily Bretscher, Tennessee Diving, 354.15;34. Katie Russ, Mile High Dive Club, 350.35;35. Juliette Corboy, Chicago Diving Club, 344.20;36. Jaina Gaudette, Legacy Diving, 342.00;37. Liz Click, Minnesota Diving Academy, 333.80;38. Kailey Francetic, Akron Rippers, 323.90;

16-18 boys’ 3-meter
1. Jordan Windle, Duke Diving, 675.30;2. Henry Fusaro, Clavadistas del Sol, 609.30;3. Cameron Thatcher, Ohio State Diving Club, 609.05;4. Samuel Smith, Boca Dive Team, 595.30;5. Brandon Loschiavo, Mission Viejo, 575.45;6. Kyle Goodwin, Mile High Dive Club, 573.80;7. Theodore Miclau, Stanford Diving, 557.35;8. Christopher Law, Alamo Area Aquatics Diving, 555.05;9. Joseph Cifelli, Windy City Diving, 552.95;10. Aaron Daniels-Freeman, Duke Diving, 545.20;11. Matthew Casillas, Mission Viejo, 533.15;12. Stephen Romanik, Akron Rippers, 525.20;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Joshua Owsiany, West Chester Diving, 523.20;14. Bradley Buchter, Soaring Eagles Dive Club, 522.95;15. Tarek Abdelghany, Mission Viejo, 519.45;16. Gregory Duncan, Dominion Dive Club, 515.20;17. David Dinsmore, Ohio State Diving Club, 510.40;18. Kevin Frebel, The Indiana International School of Diving, 498.15;19. Nathaniel Hernandez, GC Diving, 493.05;20. Scott Lazeroff, Upstate NY Diving, 488.25;21. James Brady, Duke Diving, 485.10;22. Matth  ew Phillip, Mustangs in the Sun, Inc., 482.05;23. David Pfeifer, Charles River Diving, 476.70;24. Benjamin Schiesl, Dominion Dive Club, 473.85;25. Harrison Moncino, Atlanta Diving Association, 471.65;26. Max Showalter, Duke Diving, 468.75;27. Peter Myers, Hominid Diving, 466.40;28. Connor Callahan, Duke Diving, 465.65;29. Cody Rankin, Clavadistas del Sol, 462.05;30. David Hoffer, Unattached, 460.05;31. Levi Lindsey, GC Diving, 453.00;32. Skylar Lake, Team A and M Diving, 451.40;33. Joseph Kaszubowski, Schroeder Diving Team, 437.30;34. Justin Checchin, San Antonio Divers, 434.05;35. Sean Scarry, Glenbrook Aquatics Diving, 427.10;36. William Gottsch, Nebraska Diving Club, 424.30;37. Luke Martinez, San Antonio Divers, 408.40;38. Maxim Royzen, Chicago Diving Club, 397.25;

14-15 girls’ 1-meter
1. Brooke Schultz, Indiana Diving, 378.90;2. Alison Gibson, Team A and M Diving, 352.55;3. Nikki Watters, Ohio State Diving Club, 346.45;4. Emily Grund, GC Diving, 336.30;5. Camryn McPherson, Legacy Diving, 330.20;6. Daria Lenz, SoCal Divers, 325.90;7. Nikki Canale, Carolina Diving Academy, 325.35;8. Carolina Sculti, Marlins Diving Club, 324.55;9. Amy Stevens, Unattached, 320.25;10. Jocelyn Porter, Carolina Diving Academy, 312.25;11. Alyssa Wang, Duke Diving, 298.00;12. Johanna Holloway, Unattached, 288.95;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Grace Cable, YCF Diving Team, 302.60;14. Genevieve Angerame, Woodlands Diving Academy, 302.45;15. Ginger Lingard, Schroeder Diving Team, 295.20;16. Hailey Fisher, Alexandria Dive Club, 292.70;17. Mia Paulsen, Stanford Diving, 283.30;18. Brighida Rosendahl, Trojan Dive Club, 279.70;19. Dayana Popa, The Indiana International School of Diving, 279.65;20. Alexandra House, Blue Wave Diving, 275.25;21. Maggie Merriman, YCF Diving Team, 274.70;22. Mallory Charles, Pitt Aquatic

Club, 273.50;23. Shaunmei Lim, Stanford Diving, 270.80;24. Marisa Agarwal, Stanford Diving, 266.25;25. Emily Aument, Dupage Diving Academy, 264.85;26. Sierra Shurts, Tualatin Hills Dive Club, 262.30;27. Jenna Pinheiro, YCF Diving Team, 258.50;28. Samantha Nickerson, Schroeder Diving Team, 256.95;29. Hannah Sanders, Tualatin Hills Dive Club, 256.00;30. Amanda Ling, Legacy Diving, 252.60;31. Chloe Best, High Dive Champions, 249.70;32. Emma Ruchala, Windy City Diving, 246.90;33. Megan Galbreath, Seahawks Diving Team, 245.35;34. Anna Hansen, Glenbrook Aquatics Diving, 243.35;35. Carly Ehrlich, Pine Crest Diving, 235.65;36. Erin Norton, Upstate NY Diving, 235.40;37. Kylei Grosfield, Unattached, 228.55;38. Kathleen Feuerborn, GC Diving, 220.20.

12-13 boys’ 3-meter

1. Noah Duperre, Ohio State Diving Club, 408.30;2. Maxwell Flory, Dominion Dive Club, 375.55;3. Jordan Rzepka, Cleveland Area Diving, 356.30;4. Gabriel Holladay, The Indiana International School of Diving, 337.50;5. Seamus Harding, SVY Lords of the Boards, 314.90;6. Kevin Bradley, Whirlwind Diving, 310.60;7. Bayne Bennett, TNT Diving, 305.55;8. Nicholas Hart, Boiler Diving Academy, 295.10;9. Jonathan Geraghty, Unattached, 292.45;10. Ryan Cohn, Glenbrook Aquatics Diving, 289.50;11. Gregory Culver, Montgomery Dive Club, 287.50;12. Max Valasek, Trojan Dive Club, 278.60;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Taj Cole, Tomahawk Diving Club, 270.20;14. Tatsuya Machida, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 269.15;15. Jack Matthews, Ohio State Diving Club, 265.35;16. William Claus, Cleveland Area Diving, 263.60;17. Dillon Richardson, Unattached, 263.25;18. Sam Stinson, Tualatin Hills Dive Club, 261.90;19. Ben Smith, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 260.75;20. Braden Kowalski, Nebraska Diving Club, 260.05;21. Noah Kanan, Arrow Dive Club, 253.60;22. Reid Klein, GC Diving, 253.35;23. Peter Smithson, Georgia Diving Club, 247.65;24. Luke Cheetham, Ohio State Diving Club, 246.80;25. Henry Goodman, Chicago Diving Club, 246.40;26. Luca Ayazi, Mission Viejo, 246.25;27. Kolbein Bjugan, Carolina Diving Academy, 245.60;28. Kevin Sullivan, Windy City Diving, 243.45;29. William Rains, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 239.70;30. Jacob Haim, Trojan Dive Club, 238.05;31. Brandon Wegner, YCF Diving Team, 225.25;32. Cole Sullivan, Santa Clara Diving Club, 218.70;33. Koby Bretz, Omaha Dive Club, 214.65;34. Wyatt Weaver, Dupage Diving Academy, 212.20

14-15 boys’ platform

1. Andrew Capobianco, Duke Diving, 451.20;2. Colten Young, Mission Viejo, 444.00;3. Luke Mcdivitt, Mission Viejo, 408.40;4. Benjamin Bramley, Charles River Diving, 400.10;5. Christopher Canning, Chicago Diving Club, 388.90;6. Anton Hoherz, Woodlands Diving Academy, 358.95;7. Justin Sodokoff, High Dive Champions, 343.20;8. Brad Weimer, Ohio State Diving Club, 336.55;9. Lyle Yost, American Flyers Diving, 334.80;10. Nick Cover, Soaring Eagles Dive Club, 330.00;11. Eric Correa, The Indiana International School of Diving, 320.00;12. Isaac Khamis, The Indiana International School of Diving, 309.95;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Jacob Fielding, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 320.70;14. Alec Decaprio, High Dive Champions, 316.10;15. Walker Creedon, Trojan Dive Club, 313.90;16. Alex Claus, Cleveland Area Diving, 309.65;17. Jacob Siler, Tennessee Diving, 308.10;18. Dakota Hurbis, Legacy Diving, 303.50;19. Lyle Hayes-macaluso, Ft Lauderdale Diving Team, 298.85;20. Jason Checchin, San Antonio Divers, 284.65;21. Parker Hardigree, Moss Farms Diving, 283.80;22. Henry Carman, Schroeder Diving Team, 280.70;23. Seamus Scotty, Windy City Diving, 239.15;24. Casey Fellows, Mile High Dive Club, 219.90

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